Friday, November 14, 2008


The stunning Daniel Craig, the new "James Bond" is the man! The role of 007 agent is surely thrilling and even powerful as the whole world watches the latest Bond movie. Since the 1960s, James Bond has become a trademark and household name across the globe. Apart from glory and fame and money, what other things a "James Bond" needs to go through?

Daniel Craig, while filming the latest movie, cost him eight stitches, a severed fingertip and several bruised ribs. Woaaa! Wait a minute! You mean there is a cost to it? Yahh..ahh....!! Yet he got no regrets! Even though it may hurt, he still feels good! What a man!

What can we learn from him? Whenever we serve God and do the difficult things, sometimes it can be painful. Even at times, you don't feel nice or appreciated. Let me assure you that on this earth, in serving God, many times, people couldn't be bothered about you.

At the end, when you are in heaven, woooowww, Jesus will surprise you with "out of this world" treasures and rewards! Just like Daniel Craig after the shooting of the film, he sat back and relax and said, "Hey, I like it". Hey, Daniel, so do millions all over the world!

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