Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I will post the photos of our trip in this blog soon

I want to thank God for a successful short-term missions trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A team of 7 of us went to hot and dusty villages of Takhamao and Takeo and all of us not only "survived" but were quite satisfied with God using us to accomplish His work. Pastor Sophy (pronounced Soh-Pi) and driver Andy (who told us he was 70% believing in Christ) followed us.

Our ministry started on second day where we travelled about an hour and half to Takeo village. We did a whole day leadership training filled with fun and games. Old and young Cambodians joined in the training with great delight. Their worship was vibrant even in nearly 40 Celsius heat. Their musical instruments were powered by car batteries. The highlight of it all that day was all the people were touched by God, even the pastor (Chea Ming) was seen sobbing away.

Third day, we went again to the village to do a youth BGR program. There was about 60 young people there and we did the seminar with activities thrown in. I believed they were blessed. The pastor told me the message (Myself and Sharon shared) was timely for them. Two youth even sang solo and their voices were great. All of us were having fun with them.

Fourth day, we went to Takhamao village and helped them in the Sunday School Service. About 110 children came for a time of fun and games. It was quite chaotic as we did not prepare ourselves for so many kids. But we feel so good to know the work of God is thriving there. Then we attended the Sunday Service where I preached a simple message. After that we also attended a funeral service for a member whose mother passed away.

In the afternoon the same day, we went again to Takeo village for a Sunday School where about 80 kids attended. This time, we did a better job in handling them and the Name of Jesus was being lifted up! We were pleased with what God did through us. Then Sharon preached a beautiful sermon in the Sunday Service where the whole congregation came out for altar call. Everyone was prayed for and in the closing, I challenged them to rise up and be the light for Jesus, everyone, young or old!

All the three days, we were feasted with delicious Cambodian lunch with mangoes and also watermelons freshly plucked from the farm. Their hospitality was incredible and sweet.

My greatest joy of this trip was when Pastor Chea Ming told us to sit around at the front and the Cambodians gathered around us praying for us. When I heard those Khmer language being spoken, I was honoured and felt so privileged to be a small part of God's plan for the whole world, that every tribe and tongue will bow before Jesus and acknowledge Him as Lord!

PS: Andy the driver gave his life to the Lord at the end of our trip.

Monday, March 23, 2009




Thursday, March 12, 2009


Tim Kretschmer, a 17-year old German teenager shot and killed 15 students, teachers and a bystander, wounded policemen and had many others wounded by jumping out from windows trying to avoid him. He was later killed by police in a shootout.

Michael McLendon, a 28-year old man from Alabama shot and killed 10 people in a rampage in his hometown. He killed his mother, grandmother, uncle, two cousins and five others including an 18-month-old girl. He even had a list of who he wanted to kill but everyone that he did kill was NOT on the list. McLendon had a lot of weapons.

When I heard of the two shootings, I was devastated by the violence. Where does these guys find the courage to kill people, as randomly as that, like those humans were rats?

First of all, the weapons. I sincerely believe we must never put guns in ordinary people's hands. We are living in a fallen world and no one can be trusted to hold weapons. All countries must ban guns in households and those who have guns illegally must be punished severely. In these difficult times, more of these will happen. Ban the weapons before more innocents get killed.

Secondly, the violence in the entertainment industries. Young people as young as 5 or 6 years are already watching violence movies, playing violent video games and witnessing violent adults fighting. Today we hear of teenagers killing people, hurting people in schools and being involved in many violent crimes. All these stem from a progressive exposure of violence in the entertainment industries. Hollywood makes money out of violent movies because of the demands for them.

Thirdly, parents! Can we control the minds of young people today? Absolutely difficult! Parents even buy violent video games for them to play and somehow too busy to watch their kids on the Internet. Read my words, children need guidance from their parents PERIOD

When the Second Coming of Jesus draws near, Jesus Himself said it would be like the days of Noah....I believe part of it is violence.

(Gen 6:11) Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight and was full of violence.

Friday, March 6, 2009


What happens if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear power stations?

This was reported few days ago...

Israel is seriously considering taking unilateral military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a report by top US political figures and experts released Wednesday. The report also says Israel's time frame for action is growing shorter, not only because of Iranian advances, but because Teheran might soon acquire upgraded air defenses and disperse its nuclear program to additional locations - Jerusalem Post.

And this was reported few days ago also in Iran...

Iranian missiles can reach Israeli nuclear sites, Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander-in-chief of the Islamic republic's Revolutionary Guards, said Wednesday. "All the nuclear facilities in different parts of the land under the occupation of the Zionist regime are in the reach of Iran's missile defenses," Iran's Shahab-3 missiles have a range of up to 1,250 miles, putting Israel within striking distance.

If Iran's nuclear sites are attacked, these may happen...

1. Iran will hit back with its left-over nuclear capabilities, whether it works or not.

2. Russia will be extremely angry because their scientists and companies are being affected or some of their men could get killed in the strikes. (Russia is the main supplier and builder of Iran's nuclear fuel)

3. Israel may have to fight several fronts as some Arab nations and terrorists will take advantage of the situation by bombing Israel.

4. Petrol price could escalate adding salt to the wounds of the global financial and social chaos.

5. The world may force to unite to solve the Middle East Crisis.

6. The Anti-Christ may rise to calm situation and start a One-World Government.

The few scenarios I described above could be what the Bible prophesied, almost 2000 years ago. The ever-growing financial meltdown gives the background for this event to happen. The world is having so much trouble today that an asteroid (a ten-storey building in size) whizzed by earth, went unperturbed by most people.

Russia, with its ever-needed cash, have to partner with Iran to build nuclear stations, the country that wants to destroy Israel. Could it be happening what the Bible predicted...

(Ezek 38:2-6) "Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog (many Bible scholars predicted this is Russia), the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal; prophesy against him...Persia (Iran), Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets, also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops--the many nations with you.

Russia will definitely take revenge against Israel if it strikes Iran. And that verses above could be that event.

Israel is losing its patience in Iranian nuclear build-up and if they bomb Iran, the world will turn even more worse with all its financial ruin now. Are you prepared for that scenario? It is very real and it could happen.

Jesus said, "Watch and pray". So, be sober at this time, evolve yourselves around the church and do not be drunk with the things of the world. Like in Noah's time, the people were happy, oblivious of the flood that was coming.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Frankly, I don't believe this until recently it began to dawn on me that it could happen. And many Malaysians like me tend to believe it as well. I am talking about the "RAHMAN" theory. The letter 'R' stands for the First Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman where it all began. Then Tun Abdul Razak, the second Prime Minister, third, Tun Hussein Onn, fourth, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed and the outgoing prime Minister today, Datuk Abdullah Badawi. I was wondering, did Tun Mahathir being influenced by the RAHMAN theory by choosing Pak Lah instead of his favourite, Datuk Najib just to make it happen?

Now, the 'N' word is almost coming to its fulfillment. Datuk Najib Razak could become our next Prime Minister, thus completing the theory started by perhaps a political writer by the name of Ikhwan Nasir. But could 'N' be referred to other than Najib? Could it be 'Nizar'? Or 'Nazrin'? Anyway, we shall see. In politics, anything can happen. Maybe the RAHMAN theory may not happen at all, short of the 'N'. We shall also see.

And what about after RAHMAN is completed? What then? Will it be a change of government? We shall see, see, see.

As Christians, we believe that leaders are raised up by God Himself to fulfill God's plan in the world. The RAHMAN theory may derive from man, and man may be sucked into fulfilling it BUT ultimately it is God who will steer the whole nation towards His glory. Malaysia belongs to God and one day as the Bible proclaims, all humans will have to bow before Jesus, the Lord of all lords and the King of all kings!
(Phil 2:10-11) ...that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.