Friday, July 30, 2010


Low Taek Jho, a Penang Kiah is now world famous, at least in the entertainment world!

Excerpt from Yahoo News....

His big-spending ways have made him the talk of New York’s night life scene. The operator of New York’s Pink Elephant Club told The New York Post that Mr. Low spent between S$69,000 and S$82,000 there a night. The baby-faced Malaysian also reportedly spent more than $218,000 on another night with his entourage at club Avenue this September during Fashion Week.

His current globe-trotting lifestyle covers places like Los Angeles, New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur and St Tropez. It was in St. Tropez where he and Paris Hilton reportedly chalked up a whopping S$3.8 million bill at the exclusive Byblos nightclub. The pair are rumoured to be dating after Paris was photographed topless on his luxury yacht in what the Hilton heiress has referred to as “heaven on water”.

In an interview with Malaysian paper The Star on Thursday, Low revealed the source of his wealth. At twenty years of age, he started an investment fund called The Wynton Group with US$25 million from his family and nine other investors made up of schoolmates from the Middle East.“As of today, Wynton’s investments stands at in excess of US$1 billion.

Despite his growing reputation as a party animal with deep pockets, the Arab-speaking multi-linguist claims reports about his big-spending party lifestyle are exagerrated. He insists it is his Arab childhood friends and investors who are the ones splashing out on the parties and not him.

Either way, with a bevy of models on his arm, an endless supply of his favourite Cristal champagne and a red sports car from Jamie Foxx as a birthday gift, you won’t find him complaining.

He is also close to Usher and Leonardo Di Carprio (Star of Titanic and Inception) and planning to do a Hollywood movie here in Malaysia. In his 28th birthday celebration, actress Megan Fox was flown in to join the party!

I think we need to ask two pertinent questions in regards to money as far as God is concern...

1. How do you get the money?

2. How do you use your money?

I don't know whether Jho is an inspiration or not but I know one very clear Scripture verse that speaks to me personally -

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? (Mark 8:36)

I am not jealous or what because his enjoyment is none of my business but I challenge Christian young people to seek first the Kingdom of God which is the very reason why God puts us here!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Steve Jobs - You are THE Man

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was voted Time List 100 most influential people in the world. Last month, she was voted 4th Most powerful and influential celebrities in the world and ranked 2nd most powerful musician in the world.

She loved singing and art and decided to be a singer. She was fond of the group Queen and the song, Radio Gaga. When she typed Radio Gaga onto her phone and it auto corrected to Lady Gaga and then the name stuck! "Don't ever call me Stefani anymore!" she said.

Last month too, she became the only living person today to have 10,000,000 friends on her FACEBOOK, slightly more than President Obama.

What is the reason teenagers and music lovers going GAGA over Lady GAGA? Is it her dressing? Is it her body? Is it her music? Perhaps the lyrics? Or simply the eccentricity of life she portrayed? People just hated routine nowadays! They want to see weird people doing weird things in wierd fashion (I am saying weird only as my own opinion because millions see it as cool)! Another singer, Adam Lambert with his own perculiar brand of singing has made it big too!

If Christians introduce JESUS to people today, what picture should we paint HIM to be? Can people at large connect with JESUS CHRIST? Should He be hip like those celebrities?

I think Jesus Christ would beat them all when we just introduce Him not as Fashion Icon but as God who goes GAGA over mankind! Where He gets dirty when needs arise. Where poor and troubled people get His touch of mercy. Where vulnerable, marginalise and powerless people get help coupled with a divine smile. Two thousand years ago, He did the same and He is the same yesterday, today and forever more!

PS: If Jesus set up Facebook account, He would easily surpass 100,000,000 followers who will DIE for Him just by a whisper from Him.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Facebook is a 21st Century phenomenon! The world has not only become a global village but super interconnected! And every Christian if it is possible, should have a Facebook account. There are few reasons...

1. We use Facebook to get connected with other Christians instantly and this has enabled us to encourage one another faster than before!

2. We use Facebook to be a light to those who have yet to embrace Christ. Share our testimony and instantly, thousands get the messaage! It is a powerful tool.

3. We use Facebook to inform of events, both privately and "churchly".

4. We use Facebook to enjoy clean fun of communication and destress by playing games!

Few things we need also to watch out for...

1. Don't simply share anything on Facebook. Some words can hurt, bite or even get us into trouble with the authority. Some may cause disunity.

2. If you know of a 'friend' who is vulgar, causing harm in any way, there is this icon called "BLOCK"! Just a click of that would block him or her forever out of your Facebook list of friends. (I have done this myself)

3. If you find a comment which seems to you as disturbing, there is this icon called "DELETE" and solve an immediate problem. Then, send this friend a personal email (or Facebook inbox) and give your friend a piece of your mind.

Do not give another comment out in the open and blow everything out of proportion! Christians need to deal with anger in the right way! It is a personal dispute and so should settle internally! Facebook is not a place to deal with personal issues!

All in all, I enjoyed Facebook a lot! I find it both useful and de-stressful!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The World Cup football is at the tail-end and according to FIFA president, Blatter, it was a success! I truly enjoyed the matches I watched but some matches I have to say were a little suspicious.

I believe the Bookies, those syndicate which dwell in football betting also say, "It's a success!" It is billion dollars business (Yes, with a big B) and they could even influence matches all over the world. Maybe the World Cup is hard but one may never know!

I think the most interesting thing about this World Cup is not Germany but the octopus. This creature had predicted accurately many matches by hanging on to the flags of the country. The latest one is the coming match between Germany and Spain where it clang on to Spain's flag.

How low can we go? To trust an ocean bottom creature in an octopus! I doubt the accuracy of the creature. Maybe, the Bookies own the octopus. They put some octopus food onto flags and obviously it will hang all its tentacles on it. You put on the table a delicious Bah Koot Teh when I am hungry, I will also put my hands and feet on the plates! Just joking!

Well, anyway! I just prayed that peoples in the world are as interested in the things of God as in this World Cup! 22 people chasing after a ball!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The World Cup has not been won by an African or an Asian country before. This time, the standard is quite on par and sometimes even better than the Europeans and the South Americans.

I am truly impressed with the South Koreans this time. They were just fun to watch and they thrilled me to bits with their play. Where did they get the energy from? KIMCHI?

So, Ghana will be my team now! One more reason, (maybe the main reason) I rooted for Ghana is this below article from Christianity today...

Ghana: The Team That Prays Together

America's Saturday World Cup opponent is reportedly one in the Spirit.
Ted Olsen

The team America faces Saturday in its second round World Cup matchup is spiritually united, ESPN's Jeff Bradley reports. "We love to sing together, dance together, pray together," Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan told Bradley. "It brings joy to our hearts. This is our team."

Bradley says that spirit continues to the field. "What I've noticed, more than anything, about the Black Stars, is they are a team in every sense of the word," he wrote. "From their pregame (and postgame, and halftime, and pre-training and post-training) songs and prayers, to their disciplined adherence to Rajevac's rigid system that features a single striker, they are true believers that the whole can be greater than the sum of its individual pieces. ... It's 11 together with one goal."

Captain John Mensah (right) told the German news service DPA that prayer is no afterthought.

"We are Christians and we all know how important God is," he said. "We all respect God and we pray every time before the game and after the game. ... We praise God, what he has done for us. Then the next day is match-day, so we use that opportunity to give us strength and help us go on into the game."

The team isn't praying alone. The government and nation's churches have called for united prayers at home for the team.And now that Ghana is the only African team left in the World Cup, Cameroon players Alex Song and Samuel Eto’o both said, in separate interviews, "Everybody must pray for Ghana."

The country of Ghana is 83 percent Christian--mostly Protestant (71%) and Pentecostal (26%). 83 percent of Christians say they attend services at least weekly.

WOW! Ghana! Ghana! Ghana! Go! Go! Goal! Yeah!