Thursday, December 2, 2010


As I led a team to Cambodia recently, we had such a great time together! First of all, definitely it was God! All glory to Him! But there was this element of a great team!

Some of the traits which associate with team power...

1. Humility - We know we needed God and each other to make it!

2. Communication - We were clear on our tasks and everyone connected

3. Unselfishness - We looked out for each other.

4. Positive vibes - No faults finding with each other. There was mutual encouragement.

5. Collaboration - We just fitted into our tasks!

6. Clarity - Everyone knew what to do and we just did it!

7. Emo control - Everyone controlled their emotion well.

With this kind of a team, God can do great things!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Everywhere we went, we see paddy fields, ripe unto harvest! That's Cambodia at this moment! God is doing great and wonderful works there! The Son is shining brightly everywhere we went and even government and village heads were impressed with the works of the Christians! We went to a house of a certain village head and he gladly allowed Christians to operate English classes for the villagers!

We go there with the intention of blessing them, instead we are tremendously blessed by them. Happy faces welcomed all of us when we visited homes and there was no dusting off of our shoes! Children were simple and adoring and loved everything that we did (nothing extraordinary that we had done)!

I was told that a certain village we visited was initially rejected the Christians and the church. Things began to change when one young girl was set free from demon oppression!

Another leader who took charge of children's home told us about how street children were fewer today compared to years ago! This was because the children were helped and they now have the opportunity to live in a great environment!

I have been to Cambodia about 7 times but this time, I felt different! I felt like Jesus was embracing the Cambodians there in their own humble and simple ways in a greater measure!

God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble!

God bless Cambodia! May the latter rain pour and rain on the whole country with God's grace and power! Truly it's harvest time in Cambodia!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Few of us gathered in the cell last night. It was supposedly cancelled but we went ahead with prayer and worship. After watching a touching video, we quickly got into prayer, led by the Holy Spirit. I strongly felt the urge to pray for Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is the daughter of Keith and Mary Hudson, Assemblies of God pastors. She grew up in the church and her parents were very strict with her. The more she was pressed, the more she rebelled. And the rebellion overflowed when she became a pop star. But everything went wild recently when she married Russell Brand, an English comedian and actor. They got married in India in a Hindu ceremony. In other words, she either renounced Christ as her Saviour or she has not even received Christ in the first place.

I don't know why she purposely wanting to hurt her parents or to send them a message that, "I am free to do what I want and you will never able to stop me".

Katy Perry is just like so many young people today who are angry at adults in their strict and seemingly unwavering hold on them. Even in the early years, there were already signs of rebellion, like asking "Why can't I watch Smuff?" or "Why can't I dress like that" or "Why can't I kiss a girl even though I like it?"

To all these young people out there, God still loves you. You are never too screwed up for God to embrace you! His grace is simply overwhelming.

Yes, Katy Perry's parents are heartbroken to the core but Katy, it is not about your parents but about your life! Jesus Christ is the only answer to life's fulfilllment. Your fame will not satisfy you. Neither are your money, husband, marriage!

Come back to God while there is still time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


13-16th DECEMBER! Yes! Those are the dates for HUGE Camp 2010!

Every year, almost, for the last seven years, HUGE has played a tremendous part in the growth of Christian young people in Malaysia. Some of them practically grew up in Youth Alive of Malaysia's various programmes. I remember the first time I (as a youth pastor) went to join as a participant in a program many years ago and have never turned away since. I eventually ended up joining them as a committee member.

As a result of the long haul commitment of the Committee, today we could see great improvements as far as youth Ministries are concerned. I often wonder what would be the next big thing up the sleeve of God for the next generation! I believe it is going to be huge! My vision for revival amongst the young people has never diminished even a little! Instead, my anticipation has grown!

If we have a puny God, we will have puny goal. But if we have a huge GOD, then we will have huge GOAL!

I always believe in long haul effort and not blow hot and cold. I have seen enough of young people who dropped out of God's best for them because they weren't committed enough. Just wouldn't stick long enough!

So, I will be anticipating HUGE 2010 to have huge impact to all the campers and also the YAM committee.

Sign up today! For more info., log on to

Friday, October 22, 2010


Wang Lee Hom, I am impressed! This guy earned a fortune but would not live luxuriously. I am thrilled when he said he helped the needy, working with World Vision! This is exactly what the Bible is saying about money! Nothing belongs to us and when we have loads, it must be used wisely and meaningfully for society.

But I am still grasping the way he lived, why he chose to live like an ordinary man - I feel for him but I am happy he looks beyond money.

Major Chinese dailies reported that Mandopop star Leehom Wang would not spend his hard earned money on material things.

“Buying sports car ... I think it’s meaningless. “There are many people who need our help. I work with World Vision and every year, I want to help the needy more.”Although Wang, who is also an actor and film director, has made a fortune, he has spent his money wisely.

The artiste is currently driving a second-hand car, worth NT$60,000 (RM6,075). It was a present he gave to himself on his 33rd birthday last year. Also, his house has only a bed, a computer and some music equipment. To save the environment, Wang had not bought any new clothes for the last 15 years. During the interview, he showed the pair of socks he was wearing and said it was a present from Jackie Chan.

Other superstars have a collection of cars in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them, Cantopop star Aaron Kwok has 13 luxury vehicles worth over RM100mil including five Ferraris, two Lamborghinis and a Mercedes Benz SL-class. Jay Chou’s collection included a Mercedes Benz SLR722 (about RM3.8mil) and some antiques.
(From Star Paper this morning)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


When I saw Liverpool this season, I was reminded of Leeds United. I started my love for football with Leeds United and how I adored them. Now they are languishing in third tier in English football league. I fear for Liverpool which I have supported for more than 30 years.

Before the premier league began, I was full of hope when Roy Hodgson came in as coach. I was overwhelmed with anticipation when he retained Torres. Now, I began actually to miss Benitez! Roy is no joy for Liverpool!

Some MU fans have started to give names to Liverpool - LiverBoo; Liver pool of tears; etc.

I think Liverpool needed a coach who can "kick" some buttocks! I know it sounds evil, we actually need a person like Alex Ferguson!

So, Roy, if you want Liverpool to be on top four, be tough!

Friday, October 8, 2010


I have to be frank with everyone. I dislike politics for their twists and turns and politicians have to often side step their principles for public acceptance. Maybe I have seen and heard too much of bad politics here in Malaysia. But just across the causeway, a country almost birthed at the same time as us tells a different story. A story I came to admire. Of course I heard of many Singaporeans looking down on Malaysians and there will not always be perfection yet I salute these two Singaporean icons.

Just few days ago, the beautiful wife of Singapore founding leader Lee Kuan Yew passed away to the sadness of most Singaporeans and many Malaysians as well. I read many things said about her and I found nothing negative about this towering woman. Surely a life well lived!

I received an email from one of my church members, Peter Kuan and I liked what he said. Here it goes....

Hi everyone, For 1 leader to change the habits and behaviour of so many people, making professionals out of gangsters and hooligans all in a matter of a few decades is a miracle. Singapore went from being a backward society with almost zero natural resources to an advance society with per capita income comparable to the most advanced societies in the world, with almost 90% of its population owning their own house is no small feat. That 1 leader is Lee Kuan Yew whom I always admired and respect. My respect now extend to this man seen not only as a great leader but also as a wonderful and dedicated loving husband.Though LKY is not a Christian, but like Christian who swear before God in their marriage vow; LKY took his wife in sickness and in happiness and until death do they part.Personally I think I have learnt from LKY and I still have a lot more to learn from him.

Peter Kuan

I pray for you, Lee Kuan Yew, to soldier on not only for Singapore but for the good of the whole world.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can these seemingly "heroes" achieve peace?
For the last few weeks, the world has again put its focus on the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Most people had already given up on these talks before even the negotiations began as both parties hold on strongly to their own interpretations of events.

Israel only willing to give in just few parcel of lands to the Palestinians while the Palestinians want the whole of East Jerusalem as their new capital. As far as the Prime Minister of Israel is concerned, Jerusalem is non negotiable.

There are few things that might come out of these talks...

1. Palestinians may be willing to just grab whatever Israel give to them and declare a new country called Palestine. After that, they will discuss further with them about other things.

2. I have written on this before that Israel may give up East Jerusalem as an international city and to be guarded and ruled by UN or an international Force (Suggested recently by an ex Prime Minister of Israel). East Jerusalem is very important to the Jews and the Palestinians because the Temple Mount and the Al Aksa Mosque are located there

3. The talks failed and Israel will be blamed for the impasse. They will be hated by more people of the world. Even US and Europe may wash their hands off Israel.

The third outcome could be in sync with what Revelation spoken of in the Bible. Israel will be hated more and more as years go by! Many nations which alligned themselves with Israel will one day fed up with them and even go against them. And the Bible in Ezekiel predicted of a gathering of nations to attack Israel. When you see these signs happening, Christians, be prepared to disappear to heaven in a flash!

The news about Israel is very fascinating to me (I don't think the world even bother) because it speaks of a faithful God who has spoken a few thousands years ago is so accurate to the dot in His Word. It is still coming together like one big jigsaw puzzle!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Lady Gaga is not only a famous singer with millions of fans world wide but the pop singer is also an activist. She released a video Friday asking Senate (voting House) to overturn ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, which prevents gays, lesbians, and bisexuals from openly serving the military. Now it is like gays can serve, just don't tell that you are gay, that's all!

She said, “It is my belief that no one person is more valuable than another. Anyone qualified to serve this country should be allowed to do so.”

It is none of my business to see Lady Gaga fighting for rights of gay people and also none of my business when she invited four gay veterans discharged from the military as her dates to the MTV Music Video Awards.

But when she said she is "a voice for my generation" I felt uneasy straightaway. Almost two thousand years ago, John the Baptist described himself as a voice in the wilderness, saying, "Prepare Ye The Way of the LORD!"

Here is the contrast:- Lady Gaga uses her talented voice given by God to cry against God's Word while John the Baptist used nothing of his own to cry for people to turn toward God.

Lady, you are NOT a voice for your generation but a voice for some people. Some people just want everyone to agree with what they do. This generation needs God! This generation needs to turn back to the ways of God. This generation needs to be warned of the impending wrath of God coming and we are running out of time! God has waited with 'bated breath' to hear a voice that turns people back to God!

I have nothing against Lady Gaga! But I am saddened by the way she chose to use those words, "I am a voice for my generation". Generation??

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Terry Jones, pastor of the 50-member Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida is going ahead of burning the Qurans on 11th September 2010. This has angered Muslims all over the world and got responses from governments across the globe.

First of all, I blame the media and all kinds of publicity for carrying out the news of a small group of people and making them famous all for the wrong reasons. And for me personally, I abhor the act of burning the Quran and letting the terrorists (who bent on extreme interpretations of the Quran or any religious books anyway) have another bullet in their twisted reasoning.

To me, why burning the Quran is totally unacceptable...

1. It will cause more misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians

2. It is a deliberate act of provoking anger to another faith.

3. This has nothing to do with love that Christ came to promote and lived by.

4. This will do no good in terms of reaching out to Muslims

5. Christians in Muslim majority countries may have to subject to some difficulties because of distrust created by this act.

If this Ps Terry Jones have still some sense of who God is, then please don't burn bridges to Muslims by burning their Qurans.

Friday, August 20, 2010


The "Race" issue is starting to hot up in Malaysia with politicians, some racist leaders, few religious fanatics, one newspaper, one headmistress and many hidden ones! And few more days, we are celebrating 53rd Merdeka on August 31st! And the 1Malaysia that was initiated by our Prime Minister is slowly and surely tearing into many pieces.

History tells us that the main culprits of riots in whatever forms always started with influential leaders and extremist newspapers. The ones who were affected and killed were the common people who went about their lives, trying to make a living.

What can Christians do in these times of uncertainty in a country where God has put us in?

1. Pray for the nation.

You cannot love someone or a nation when you are always judging. But when you pray and let the love of God flow through you, then you are doing something far more important than those leaders who shout and rant! God can do something where no politicians can ever dream of.

2. Smile.

Always use your sweetest and gentlest smile whenever you meet someone, whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dusun, Iban or Kadazan. When someone is angry with you, reach out your hand with a smile and it will make an immediate difference. (I tried that before while driving).

3. Make friends from different races.

Do you have a friend from other race? Can you go football with him? Can you both watch a movie together and then go Mamak? Can a friend from different race find comfort in you and then he/she goes home to tell his/her family about it, thus creating a truly harmonious 1 Malaysia on the ground? (I tend to be very friendly to all, especially the Malays, because they are more Malays in Malaysia)

4. Do something good to those who is not the same as you.

Have you visited any friend not from your own race when he/she is sick? Did you buy any present on their birthdays? Perhaps go to visit a Malay orphanage or old folks home and cheer them up?

Let us all not fall into the tricks of racist leaders and get all riled up. Let us do little things on the grounds and if each Malaysian start to do this, this nation will have a better future!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


40 US billionaires pledge half wealth to charity

NEW YORK (AFP) - Bill Gates and Warren Buffett think fellow US billionaires should donate most of their vast fortunes to charity -- and they revealed Wednesday that 40 are set to do just that.

"Forty of the wealthiest families and individuals in the United States have committed to returning the majority of their wealth to charitable causes," said a statement released by

The Giving Pledge, announced just six weeks ago, is the brainchild of Microsoft mogul Gates and investment guru Buffett who want to convince the richest people in the country to give 50 percent or more of their fortune to charity.

As of Wednesday, the group includes CNN founder Ted Turner, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and Hollywood director George Lucas, as well as Buffett and Gates.

Buffett said they simply started working their way through Fortune magazine's list of 400 US billionaires, who between them have an estimated net worth of 1.2 trillion dollars. "We probably called somewhere between 70 and 80 people on the Forbes list. It was a very soft sell, but 40 signed up," the chief executive of investment firm Berkshire Hathaway told reporters in a conference call. "We've made a terrific start."

The idea is to squeeze morally-, not legally-binding pledges from the super wealthy.
There'll be no group decisions on how money is spent or when. Instead, club members are to set an example by funding philanthropic pet projects, such as health, education and arts -- and preferably sooner rather later.

"You don't have to wait to die to give it away," said Bloomberg, a media entrepreneur and major philanthropist whose worth is estimated by Forbes at 18 billion dollars. "It never made a lot of sense to me why you'd want to change the world for better and not be around to see it."

US billionaires have been out of favor with the public and politicians since the 2008 financial collapse. The pledge scheme might burnish their image. "Business people are pretty widely mistrusted and seen as overwhelmingly self-interested," conceded investment banker and newly signed-up pledge member Tom Steyer during the conference call.

"Warren and Bill Gates' point is an emphatically different one." Apart from good PR, the scheme raises the prospect of eye-popping amounts of money flowing to charity.

If Gates and Buffett secured pledges of half the wealth of the 400 richest in the country, that would total more than 600 billion dollars, according to Forbes magazine estimates.

Gates alone is the second richest man in the world according to Forbes, with some 53 billion dollars, which places him narrowly behind Mexican telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim, with 53.5 billion.

Buffett, the second richest American, already announced in 2006 that he wanted gradually to give away ALL of his fortune estimated by Forbes at 47 billion dollars.

Buffett said that many had not been called yet and that others were simply unavailable. He would not say who had refused. "I won't name any specific names," he said, adding that he expected the project to grow over the next year.
"You know, we don't give up on them. Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future."

This is a tremendous piece of news ever in this broken selfish world! Although Christians have given greatly all throughout its history, we can continue to give. I rejoice greatly at their generosity with these billionaires but I would rather give all glory to God Almighty. It was all His money in the first place and sharing is His idea!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Low Taek Jho, a Penang Kiah is now world famous, at least in the entertainment world!

Excerpt from Yahoo News....

His big-spending ways have made him the talk of New York’s night life scene. The operator of New York’s Pink Elephant Club told The New York Post that Mr. Low spent between S$69,000 and S$82,000 there a night. The baby-faced Malaysian also reportedly spent more than $218,000 on another night with his entourage at club Avenue this September during Fashion Week.

His current globe-trotting lifestyle covers places like Los Angeles, New York, London, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur and St Tropez. It was in St. Tropez where he and Paris Hilton reportedly chalked up a whopping S$3.8 million bill at the exclusive Byblos nightclub. The pair are rumoured to be dating after Paris was photographed topless on his luxury yacht in what the Hilton heiress has referred to as “heaven on water”.

In an interview with Malaysian paper The Star on Thursday, Low revealed the source of his wealth. At twenty years of age, he started an investment fund called The Wynton Group with US$25 million from his family and nine other investors made up of schoolmates from the Middle East.“As of today, Wynton’s investments stands at in excess of US$1 billion.

Despite his growing reputation as a party animal with deep pockets, the Arab-speaking multi-linguist claims reports about his big-spending party lifestyle are exagerrated. He insists it is his Arab childhood friends and investors who are the ones splashing out on the parties and not him.

Either way, with a bevy of models on his arm, an endless supply of his favourite Cristal champagne and a red sports car from Jamie Foxx as a birthday gift, you won’t find him complaining.

He is also close to Usher and Leonardo Di Carprio (Star of Titanic and Inception) and planning to do a Hollywood movie here in Malaysia. In his 28th birthday celebration, actress Megan Fox was flown in to join the party!

I think we need to ask two pertinent questions in regards to money as far as God is concern...

1. How do you get the money?

2. How do you use your money?

I don't know whether Jho is an inspiration or not but I know one very clear Scripture verse that speaks to me personally -

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? (Mark 8:36)

I am not jealous or what because his enjoyment is none of my business but I challenge Christian young people to seek first the Kingdom of God which is the very reason why God puts us here!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Steve Jobs - You are THE Man

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta was voted Time List 100 most influential people in the world. Last month, she was voted 4th Most powerful and influential celebrities in the world and ranked 2nd most powerful musician in the world.

She loved singing and art and decided to be a singer. She was fond of the group Queen and the song, Radio Gaga. When she typed Radio Gaga onto her phone and it auto corrected to Lady Gaga and then the name stuck! "Don't ever call me Stefani anymore!" she said.

Last month too, she became the only living person today to have 10,000,000 friends on her FACEBOOK, slightly more than President Obama.

What is the reason teenagers and music lovers going GAGA over Lady GAGA? Is it her dressing? Is it her body? Is it her music? Perhaps the lyrics? Or simply the eccentricity of life she portrayed? People just hated routine nowadays! They want to see weird people doing weird things in wierd fashion (I am saying weird only as my own opinion because millions see it as cool)! Another singer, Adam Lambert with his own perculiar brand of singing has made it big too!

If Christians introduce JESUS to people today, what picture should we paint HIM to be? Can people at large connect with JESUS CHRIST? Should He be hip like those celebrities?

I think Jesus Christ would beat them all when we just introduce Him not as Fashion Icon but as God who goes GAGA over mankind! Where He gets dirty when needs arise. Where poor and troubled people get His touch of mercy. Where vulnerable, marginalise and powerless people get help coupled with a divine smile. Two thousand years ago, He did the same and He is the same yesterday, today and forever more!

PS: If Jesus set up Facebook account, He would easily surpass 100,000,000 followers who will DIE for Him just by a whisper from Him.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Facebook is a 21st Century phenomenon! The world has not only become a global village but super interconnected! And every Christian if it is possible, should have a Facebook account. There are few reasons...

1. We use Facebook to get connected with other Christians instantly and this has enabled us to encourage one another faster than before!

2. We use Facebook to be a light to those who have yet to embrace Christ. Share our testimony and instantly, thousands get the messaage! It is a powerful tool.

3. We use Facebook to inform of events, both privately and "churchly".

4. We use Facebook to enjoy clean fun of communication and destress by playing games!

Few things we need also to watch out for...

1. Don't simply share anything on Facebook. Some words can hurt, bite or even get us into trouble with the authority. Some may cause disunity.

2. If you know of a 'friend' who is vulgar, causing harm in any way, there is this icon called "BLOCK"! Just a click of that would block him or her forever out of your Facebook list of friends. (I have done this myself)

3. If you find a comment which seems to you as disturbing, there is this icon called "DELETE" and solve an immediate problem. Then, send this friend a personal email (or Facebook inbox) and give your friend a piece of your mind.

Do not give another comment out in the open and blow everything out of proportion! Christians need to deal with anger in the right way! It is a personal dispute and so should settle internally! Facebook is not a place to deal with personal issues!

All in all, I enjoyed Facebook a lot! I find it both useful and de-stressful!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The World Cup football is at the tail-end and according to FIFA president, Blatter, it was a success! I truly enjoyed the matches I watched but some matches I have to say were a little suspicious.

I believe the Bookies, those syndicate which dwell in football betting also say, "It's a success!" It is billion dollars business (Yes, with a big B) and they could even influence matches all over the world. Maybe the World Cup is hard but one may never know!

I think the most interesting thing about this World Cup is not Germany but the octopus. This creature had predicted accurately many matches by hanging on to the flags of the country. The latest one is the coming match between Germany and Spain where it clang on to Spain's flag.

How low can we go? To trust an ocean bottom creature in an octopus! I doubt the accuracy of the creature. Maybe, the Bookies own the octopus. They put some octopus food onto flags and obviously it will hang all its tentacles on it. You put on the table a delicious Bah Koot Teh when I am hungry, I will also put my hands and feet on the plates! Just joking!

Well, anyway! I just prayed that peoples in the world are as interested in the things of God as in this World Cup! 22 people chasing after a ball!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The World Cup has not been won by an African or an Asian country before. This time, the standard is quite on par and sometimes even better than the Europeans and the South Americans.

I am truly impressed with the South Koreans this time. They were just fun to watch and they thrilled me to bits with their play. Where did they get the energy from? KIMCHI?

So, Ghana will be my team now! One more reason, (maybe the main reason) I rooted for Ghana is this below article from Christianity today...

Ghana: The Team That Prays Together

America's Saturday World Cup opponent is reportedly one in the Spirit.
Ted Olsen

The team America faces Saturday in its second round World Cup matchup is spiritually united, ESPN's Jeff Bradley reports. "We love to sing together, dance together, pray together," Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan told Bradley. "It brings joy to our hearts. This is our team."

Bradley says that spirit continues to the field. "What I've noticed, more than anything, about the Black Stars, is they are a team in every sense of the word," he wrote. "From their pregame (and postgame, and halftime, and pre-training and post-training) songs and prayers, to their disciplined adherence to Rajevac's rigid system that features a single striker, they are true believers that the whole can be greater than the sum of its individual pieces. ... It's 11 together with one goal."

Captain John Mensah (right) told the German news service DPA that prayer is no afterthought.

"We are Christians and we all know how important God is," he said. "We all respect God and we pray every time before the game and after the game. ... We praise God, what he has done for us. Then the next day is match-day, so we use that opportunity to give us strength and help us go on into the game."

The team isn't praying alone. The government and nation's churches have called for united prayers at home for the team.And now that Ghana is the only African team left in the World Cup, Cameroon players Alex Song and Samuel Eto’o both said, in separate interviews, "Everybody must pray for Ghana."

The country of Ghana is 83 percent Christian--mostly Protestant (71%) and Pentecostal (26%). 83 percent of Christians say they attend services at least weekly.

WOW! Ghana! Ghana! Ghana! Go! Go! Goal! Yeah!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My favourite time of ministry: Youth Camp 2010 - 13-15th June

Last Friday, I sent in my last papers for my last course of my Masters in Ministry program after a long 10 years of part time studies. Whew! The months of May and June are overwhelmed with programs and deadlines and gatherings and not forgetting the World Cup. Yesterday, I sat down and enjoyed a quiet time with my mind. A retreat I badly needed.

It is always good to take time to look back at whatever you have done, not to glory in them but to evaluate. Indeed, first of all, I thanked God for His grace in pulling me through. I am not a perfectionist but I certainly am no 'chin chai' (lacksadaisical) man. I just want to give my best if I am called to do something if I have the strength. With God's help, something extraordinary can happen.

I have noticed (not a good thing) that whenever I was busy with activities, I always think this thought, just get it over with. That was the thing of the past. Now, even though I am busy, I will always savour and enjoy the moments of my ministry. Through this, I have learned to expect great things out of what God can do through me. It also helps me to look forward for a great time before an event begins.

May and June 2010. O Thank you, LORD! I enjoyed it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It happened again, race riots! Kyrgyz are on the rampage and attacked the Uzbeks, killing hundreds of Uzbeks people, wounded scores of others. What in the world is happening! Can't man ever learn from history?

Aren't we all from the human race? Are Uzbeks' blood green? I don't know all the details but live long enough to see the evil of many human beings! They are power crazy, paranoid and violent! The most sickening thing is that when some may not view life as dignified, they take other lives down as well! They just don't care!

What is this thing called race? Chinese, Malays, Indians, English, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Pakistani, Indons, and thousand of tribes and tongues, are created by One God for one purpose, to live together in harmony in glorifying the Creator God. But mankind has so fallen into sin that one must overpower the other just to get what he wants! Not in Kyrgyzstan but practically everywhere! If today, any race (if they are so proud fo themselves) could share food, resources with the poor, NO ONE will go hungry. But no, they choose to see who's the greatest, who's the fastest, who's the sazziest, who's the richest and who's the best!

The World Cup Soccer just started and the score is Kyrgyz 200+ Uzbeks ??. And the demons are cheering on the stadium of death!
PS: Those who killed others will be haunted with blood crying out from the grounds for years or even generations after that. Not only that, those whose families torn apart by this senseless violence will haunt them as well!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The FIFA World Cup is officially on! More than half of the world is watching the first match between South Africa and Mexico. I watched and it was entertaining. Mexico is really good and South Africa is not bad at all! I think I have not watched such good international football for a long time.

In my opinion, I think in heaven football will still be played. I don't think God will abandon such a beautiful game! On earth I may not make a team but in heaven, who knows, I may play with Kaka.

Anyway, my favorite teams, Brazil or England will win the CUP! Or maybe North Korea! You may never know. In Chinese saying, the ball is round.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last week, a storm created a big Sinkhole in the middle of a road in a town in Guatemala.
This is the world we are living in...a big HOLE! Someone's got to plug it and that person is none other than JESUS CHRIST! Jesus is the CORNERSTONE for everything! You can be successful in life but success without Jesus is no success at all. And I am not going to apologize for that!

There are several meanings to the usage of cornerstones…

1. A stone that forms a corner or angle in a structure in making sure that the building is evenly balanced and stable when completed.
2. A stone prominently situated near the base of a corner in a building as a foundation stone. Such a stone, often inscribed, laid at a ceremony marking the origin of a building.
3. A fundamental principle or underlying concept: base, basis, foundation, fundamental.
4. An indispensable and fundamental basis: the cornerstone of an argument.

(Mat 21:42-44) Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: "'The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone (or cornerstone) ; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes'? "Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit. He who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed."

To make it plain and simple, rejecting Jesus means living a life which is unbalanced and meaningless. There is no foundation whatsoever to stand on, no past nor future to base on. These people just live for the present and the only treasure is the pleasure of this world. Without the CornerStone Jesus, eventually there will be nothing but brokenness and destruction.

With Jesus as our Cornerstone, we shall not only stand firm, we are ready for battles ahead in the kingdom of God!

Are you in deep hole right now? Try Jesus!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I think you should know by now what happened to our neighbour country, Thailand. The present government was not elected by the people but was handed down to them after there was a takeover by the army. Many were not happy because their votes for the nation has become null and void. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they think is right! So, after many years of government that is not voted in by the people, one group called themselves, "Red Shirts" (made me think of Liverpool!!) demonstrated against the present government and caused a lost of lives and a lot of damage to properties, losing billions of dollars.

I am not talking politics here in this entry but about mob violence. The Red Shirts started out in a peaceful manner, gaining a lot of attention, as they demand for elections again. The government talked with them, negotiated, trying to solve the impasse. I thought it would be over when the government decided to hold elections in September this year. Instead of agreeing with it, they rejected it. Everyone wants to get things done and they want it NOW! But anyway, there are reasons for rejecting it that I don't understand.

But what saddened me was the violence both sides created on the streets in Bangkok! Lives lost senselessly! Many people had warned that when a large group gather to protest, it can be dangerous. An angry mob can kill and destroy without realising what they were doing. It was like a herd mentality. A single person may not be so bold but when he/she joins a large group being angry at the same thing, that person can explode!

Recently in Lebanon, a mob had beaten to death and hanged a convicted rapist on a pole without having him go on trial. They actually ripped him from the hands of policemen (they beat up the policeman when he tried to stop them) and did the killing. If a single person, he might not be so barbarious! If they take law into their own hands, one day, they may get killed too for doing wrong.

When I was young, I witnessed a snatch thief being caught and in this group, one person I knew (not so violence one) beat him up. Others join in and before he was handed to the police, he was already blue black. From that day on, I knew the danger of a mob.

So, young people, be careful when you join an angry crowd. Something may happen to you and you don't even know why. Then it may be too late!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This day is a joyful day as this is our first ex-V2 youth committee President to give birth to baby! It was 8.22 AM this morning and a beautiful baby girl came bouncing into the world! The earth is flickering with another light of a Christian baby and pray that she will grow up shining for Jesus and giving the parents, Sher-Mayne and Justin joy abundant!

Congratulations to both of you! And welcome for now, lil' baby girl (Alyssa Kye-Li Yap)! Congrats also to Ps. Leslie and Ps. Jackie for being grandparents.

PS: Another ex-V2 president is 'very' pregnant and she will deliver in June 2010! (Any takers for V2 President!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hugging out May 13 - is an article by Praba Ganesan.

This is so well written that I shed a tear or two as I read it. This is the first time I entered two articles on the same day. This can apply to our Christian faith as peace makers as Jesus calls us to become.

Welcome to May 13 Day. We never fail to observe the day — we just can’t say we do since it is taboo.

Odd since this taboo is about an episode told to us in the oral tradition — arrived at through first-person recountings filtered by embellishments, respective one-sidedness and prejudice.

The only thing we are officially allowed to know is that post-election violence in 1969 led to the deaths of many.

Which is why you can empathise with those who want to use it as a pride day, even if the parade has been called off.

How can you fault anyone for interpreting it anyhow they feel like when everything about it is a state secret? You can only misinterpret when there is a sane way to interpret it, and you can only sanely interpret anything if you have the facts of the case. In this case we never had. At this juncture, the quip “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” comes to mind.

But let’s work on what we can establish, and build from that. Those who died on the evening of May 13 and the following days of violence were in the majority from the working class, the poor. Tall, short, funny, boring, with an attractive haircut or not.

The day would have started plain and simple for everyone, and by the time the violence self-perpetuated enough, no one could tell a transgressor from a victim anymore. Which is why I feel deep disgust when politicians tell us in the aisles that that violence reinforces the need to support their politics. Otherwise you never know.
That is not a rejection of violence; that is a threat.

No one wants to be hiding in a corner while many feet shuffle in the dark, with hate in their hearts and arms in their hands. The fear grips you, the anxiety grows and you feel all alone. The sense of abandonment is almost complete.

Of course it is not a desirable situation.

That is why political leaders need to reject violence, not dangle it as a trump-card.
My first experience with group death was when my uncle died in the 70s. Three boys — friends — died in a construction mishap. They drowned in a body of dirt and mud.
I was too young to capture the details, but the large congregation was quieter than most Indian funerals. It was as if they were trying to make sense of the young they had lost. Tragic events need to be recognised and remember, but they cannot be the source of hate. As Theodore Roosevelt put it, “Death under all circumstances has to be a tragedy, if not life itself has become one.”

The Burmese Death Railway, the fields of Normandy or Gallipoli are memorials to sacrifice and unnecessary deaths. Visits and events there are not about celebrating the violence of either side. We go there to remember the dead.

Remembering the cost of violence does not mean you celebrate the violence. We can’t forget the violence of the past because it is painful. It is exactly for that reason we remember it. We can’t consign the victims as unfortunate data from a time we are all better off not talking about.

So what should we do with our May 13 Day?

Since there is a May 13 we regret, why not use today and future May 13s to do things we won’t regret?

That can be a start. List three persons you loathe for their political/ideological beliefs and call them. Say “Hi”, and ask how they are doing. Ask them about what they are up to, and give them a quick rundown of what you are up to. Then politely end the phone call. Your adversaries are not going to change their minds about you, but they are going to find you less detestable. Less detestable is a long way from book club buddy, but it is something.

For my part I offer to hug it out with former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. I’ve always had misgivings about the man, but since it is May 13 Day I should try to reduce the animosity.

To the rest of you, go find your own Perkasa member to hug it out with. Happy May 13 Day!


Hooray, I am taking my last course for my Master in Ministry program and am graduating this year God willing. And this course is so different from all the courses I took previously because the lecturer, Dr. Peter Prosser who is involved in healing and deliverance ministry has shared with us amazing stories about God's miracles.

I want to share a few here in this blog...

Years ago, when Dr. Prosser was in Rome, Italy with his wife, they were taking a bus ride going somewhere. It was 3pm in the afternoon and in the bus, it was filled with passengers. Due to the hot weather there, the people inside were oozing out strange smell of body odour. They wanted to get down from the bus as soon as possible. When my lecturer was seated in the bus, he saw an old lady standing and let her take his seat. And then the Holy Spirit told him to pray for that lady. He sought permission from her and she allowed him to pray. Right after prayer, she stood out and shouted, "I am healed!" People in the bus were suprised and one by one asked Dr. Peter to pray for them. They were lining up to be prayed for and this happened right on the bus itself. One by one fell down under the power of God. Soon, the upper deck people came down to be prayed for.

It was such a commotion that the bus driver was annoyed, parked the car at the side to see what had happened. He knew that this was a religious thing and said to Dr. Peter, "I don;t believe in all these." And Dr. Peter turned around and just said, "Anyway, God bless you!" And as soon as he finished saying that, the bus driver fell under the power of God. He fell out of the bus through the doors onto the street.

Soon, everyone came out of the bus and into a restaurant where the revival continued there. People in the restaurant also came to be prayed for. God moved so powerfully that day, from praying for one lady to ministering to many more. All right there in the public places.

They supposed to come down from the bus because of the smell and at 3pm in the afternoon but they left the restaurant at 3am the next morning!

God is very alive and still does miracles today!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Liverpool lost (or given away) to Chelsea two days ago has made the latter club the firm favourite for the EPL Title this season. And my beloved Liverpool FC has surely and slowly slipped to become a normal EPL club in the likes of Sunderland and West Ham. But I am still happy that Liverpool "gave away" those three points because if Manchester United takes the Title, they will be lept over Liverpool, to have 18 League titles, one more than Liverpool. So, Liverpool FC is still the Champion of English football - for now! (Unless Chelsea lose to or draw with Wigan which is highly unlikely - and provided Man U wins their last game)

The Reds are still the most successful football Club in the history of English football winning more trophies than any other English club. Liverpool has won a joint-record eighteen league titles, seven FA cups, seven League Cups, three UEFA Cups and five Europeans Cups, an English record.

Looking forward for next season - Liverpool just need to do some equation, add few more powerful players and subtract Benitez!

May God bless Benitez to a better club somewhere - Juventus or Inter Milan.

No matter what, YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE (and I am talking about Liverpool)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Stephen Hawkings, unarguably the greatest scientist alive at this moment, spoke something so interesting the other day. He was doing his part for Discovery Channel documentary series to be shown soon.

Hawking warns earthlings not to make contact with aliens right now as they may want to take over our planet's resources before zooming off to their next destination. He said with billions of galaxies, there are bound to be one with living beings..."ET calling! Please contact us....ET... out!"

He's rational and brilliant. Also very Hollywoody for those who loves Sci Fi movies!

As a pastor and a Bible lover, there is One that is coming who may be mistakenly taken as an Alien or deliberately explained away as an Alien! The Anti Christ will try to lie through his nose but God is the One that will blind those wicked ones!

(2 Th 2:9-11) The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.

The Bible tells us that Jesus will come with hosts of faithful believers to wage the last war with those who reject Him and all that He stands for!

(Rev 17:14) They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings--and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers."

Who wins at the end?

(Rev 11:15) The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: "The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever."

Could it be that Stephen Hawkings know something about the Bible? Or maybe he is 'prophesying' something that is coming?

Well, to me, these are exciting days as well as dangerous times! All the more we seek the Lord as the ROCK of our salvation!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


When I was in Methodist Boys' School (MBS - Malaysia's Best School), I attended chapel every Wednesday. I still thank God occasionally for those days as it gave me a glimpse of God's love through Christ. One song that stood out during those times was "O Sinner Man".

O sinner-man , where are you going to run to?
O sinner-man, where are you going to run to?
O sinner-man, where are you going to run to
All on that Day?

Run to the stars: O stars, won't you hide me? (3x)
All on that Day?
The Lord said : O sinner-man, the stars'll be a-falling

Run to the sea: O sea, won't you hide me? (3x)
All on that Day?
The Lord said : O sinner-man, the sea'll be a-sinking

Run to the rocks: O rocks, won't you hide me? (3x)
All on that Day?
The Lord said : O sinner-man, the rocks'll be a-rolling.

I read with interest in Star Newspaper the other day that an underground shelther has been prepared somewhere in California USA under the group called Vivos, a company started by Robert Vicino. This bunker (and he wants to set more bunkers in the future) is set up for those who want to escape coming calamity, predicted by Mayan Calender on 2012 and all sorts of eventualities. It is like the modern Noah's Ark but more sophiscated and comfortable, with sufficient food, water and other stuffs. A gourmet foods shop, an urgent medical and dental care center, and a large wardrobe inventory will be among some of the amenities.

More importantly, each unit is allegedly made to withstand temperatures reaching 1,250 Fahrenheit (for 10 days), a force 10 magnitude earthquake, or 450 MPH winds. But it is going to cost a bomb! Even the creator of Vivos said he couldn't afford it!

Can these modern days Noah's Ark withstand God's wrath in the Great Tribulation? History tells us that many kings had devised many walls and fortresses in order to withstand enemies attacks but failed miserably. I don't know but I wish them all the best!

I would rather believe in Jesus Christ, the ROCK of my salvation and my Refuge! The Bible tells about a time of Catching away of believers of Christ much like prophet Elijah's disappearing act. It is widely known as the Rapture! That would be much safer bet than bunkers, no matter how solid it may be.

O Sinner Man - where are you going to run to? All on that Day!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Latest: CNN - Massive fireball reported across Midwestern sky (latest update). See

A cloud of ash from a volcano in Iceland swept toward mainland Europe on Thursday, forcing up to 6,000 flight cancellations across the continent, according to the intergovernmental body that manages European air travel - CNN

The ash in the clouds can cause airplane engines to shutoff and so, it's no go! Many airports in Europe have been closed completely or partially which affect almost the whole world. Those who have planned travel are frustrated for the disruption. Those who are holidaying or doing business in Europe may have to stay longer there and that will cost them. Even the Prime Minister of Norway is stranded in the US and has to run the country through IPad (thanks, Apple)!

Remember the dust that clouded China a while ago and the freak storm that hit Perth? And now this! Are the skies sending a message to us? Then 2010, so many major earthquakes happened so close to each other, almost like two every week!

Who would have thought Iceland, a small island nation far far away could have caused so much trouble to the world? I was telling someone and have been telling people..."Nowadays, any thing can happen to the world."

As I attended a funeral this week and heard of four deaths close to home these two weeks, I am thinking about my existence here on earth. "Have I given my best to God and lived my best to what I am called to do?"

Testimony: One of the church members' sister died few days ago and before she passed on, she shouted Jesus' name many times and also cried, "Mom! mom!" (who died few years ago). Obviously she saw something so wonderful on the other side.

She has moved on and finished her race. What about our race? How are you running?