Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I think you should know by now what happened to our neighbour country, Thailand. The present government was not elected by the people but was handed down to them after there was a takeover by the army. Many were not happy because their votes for the nation has become null and void. Everyone has their reasons for doing what they think is right! So, after many years of government that is not voted in by the people, one group called themselves, "Red Shirts" (made me think of Liverpool!!) demonstrated against the present government and caused a lost of lives and a lot of damage to properties, losing billions of dollars.

I am not talking politics here in this entry but about mob violence. The Red Shirts started out in a peaceful manner, gaining a lot of attention, as they demand for elections again. The government talked with them, negotiated, trying to solve the impasse. I thought it would be over when the government decided to hold elections in September this year. Instead of agreeing with it, they rejected it. Everyone wants to get things done and they want it NOW! But anyway, there are reasons for rejecting it that I don't understand.

But what saddened me was the violence both sides created on the streets in Bangkok! Lives lost senselessly! Many people had warned that when a large group gather to protest, it can be dangerous. An angry mob can kill and destroy without realising what they were doing. It was like a herd mentality. A single person may not be so bold but when he/she joins a large group being angry at the same thing, that person can explode!

Recently in Lebanon, a mob had beaten to death and hanged a convicted rapist on a pole without having him go on trial. They actually ripped him from the hands of policemen (they beat up the policeman when he tried to stop them) and did the killing. If a single person, he might not be so barbarious! If they take law into their own hands, one day, they may get killed too for doing wrong.

When I was young, I witnessed a snatch thief being caught and in this group, one person I knew (not so violence one) beat him up. Others join in and before he was handed to the police, he was already blue black. From that day on, I knew the danger of a mob.

So, young people, be careful when you join an angry crowd. Something may happen to you and you don't even know why. Then it may be too late!

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