Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Liverpool lost (or given away) to Chelsea two days ago has made the latter club the firm favourite for the EPL Title this season. And my beloved Liverpool FC has surely and slowly slipped to become a normal EPL club in the likes of Sunderland and West Ham. But I am still happy that Liverpool "gave away" those three points because if Manchester United takes the Title, they will be lept over Liverpool, to have 18 League titles, one more than Liverpool. So, Liverpool FC is still the Champion of English football - for now! (Unless Chelsea lose to or draw with Wigan which is highly unlikely - and provided Man U wins their last game)

The Reds are still the most successful football Club in the history of English football winning more trophies than any other English club. Liverpool has won a joint-record eighteen league titles, seven FA cups, seven League Cups, three UEFA Cups and five Europeans Cups, an English record.

Looking forward for next season - Liverpool just need to do some equation, add few more powerful players and subtract Benitez!

May God bless Benitez to a better club somewhere - Juventus or Inter Milan.

No matter what, YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE (and I am talking about Liverpool)

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