Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Everywhere we went, we see paddy fields, ripe unto harvest! That's Cambodia at this moment! God is doing great and wonderful works there! The Son is shining brightly everywhere we went and even government and village heads were impressed with the works of the Christians! We went to a house of a certain village head and he gladly allowed Christians to operate English classes for the villagers!

We go there with the intention of blessing them, instead we are tremendously blessed by them. Happy faces welcomed all of us when we visited homes and there was no dusting off of our shoes! Children were simple and adoring and loved everything that we did (nothing extraordinary that we had done)!

I was told that a certain village we visited was initially rejected the Christians and the church. Things began to change when one young girl was set free from demon oppression!

Another leader who took charge of children's home told us about how street children were fewer today compared to years ago! This was because the children were helped and they now have the opportunity to live in a great environment!

I have been to Cambodia about 7 times but this time, I felt different! I felt like Jesus was embracing the Cambodians there in their own humble and simple ways in a greater measure!

God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble!

God bless Cambodia! May the latter rain pour and rain on the whole country with God's grace and power! Truly it's harvest time in Cambodia!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Few of us gathered in the cell last night. It was supposedly cancelled but we went ahead with prayer and worship. After watching a touching video, we quickly got into prayer, led by the Holy Spirit. I strongly felt the urge to pray for Katy Perry.

Katy Perry is the daughter of Keith and Mary Hudson, Assemblies of God pastors. She grew up in the church and her parents were very strict with her. The more she was pressed, the more she rebelled. And the rebellion overflowed when she became a pop star. But everything went wild recently when she married Russell Brand, an English comedian and actor. They got married in India in a Hindu ceremony. In other words, she either renounced Christ as her Saviour or she has not even received Christ in the first place.

I don't know why she purposely wanting to hurt her parents or to send them a message that, "I am free to do what I want and you will never able to stop me".

Katy Perry is just like so many young people today who are angry at adults in their strict and seemingly unwavering hold on them. Even in the early years, there were already signs of rebellion, like asking "Why can't I watch Smuff?" or "Why can't I dress like that" or "Why can't I kiss a girl even though I like it?"

To all these young people out there, God still loves you. You are never too screwed up for God to embrace you! His grace is simply overwhelming.

Yes, Katy Perry's parents are heartbroken to the core but Katy, it is not about your parents but about your life! Jesus Christ is the only answer to life's fulfilllment. Your fame will not satisfy you. Neither are your money, husband, marriage!

Come back to God while there is still time!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


13-16th DECEMBER! Yes! Those are the dates for HUGE Camp 2010!

Every year, almost, for the last seven years, HUGE has played a tremendous part in the growth of Christian young people in Malaysia. Some of them practically grew up in Youth Alive of Malaysia's various programmes. I remember the first time I (as a youth pastor) went to join as a participant in a program many years ago and have never turned away since. I eventually ended up joining them as a committee member.

As a result of the long haul commitment of the Committee, today we could see great improvements as far as youth Ministries are concerned. I often wonder what would be the next big thing up the sleeve of God for the next generation! I believe it is going to be huge! My vision for revival amongst the young people has never diminished even a little! Instead, my anticipation has grown!

If we have a puny God, we will have puny goal. But if we have a huge GOD, then we will have huge GOAL!

I always believe in long haul effort and not blow hot and cold. I have seen enough of young people who dropped out of God's best for them because they weren't committed enough. Just wouldn't stick long enough!

So, I will be anticipating HUGE 2010 to have huge impact to all the campers and also the YAM committee.

Sign up today! For more info., log on to http://www.youthalivemsia.org/