Tuesday, November 2, 2010


13-16th DECEMBER! Yes! Those are the dates for HUGE Camp 2010!

Every year, almost, for the last seven years, HUGE has played a tremendous part in the growth of Christian young people in Malaysia. Some of them practically grew up in Youth Alive of Malaysia's various programmes. I remember the first time I (as a youth pastor) went to join as a participant in a program many years ago and have never turned away since. I eventually ended up joining them as a committee member.

As a result of the long haul commitment of the Committee, today we could see great improvements as far as youth Ministries are concerned. I often wonder what would be the next big thing up the sleeve of God for the next generation! I believe it is going to be huge! My vision for revival amongst the young people has never diminished even a little! Instead, my anticipation has grown!

If we have a puny God, we will have puny goal. But if we have a huge GOD, then we will have huge GOAL!

I always believe in long haul effort and not blow hot and cold. I have seen enough of young people who dropped out of God's best for them because they weren't committed enough. Just wouldn't stick long enough!

So, I will be anticipating HUGE 2010 to have huge impact to all the campers and also the YAM committee.

Sign up today! For more info., log on to http://www.youthalivemsia.org/

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