Friday, October 22, 2010


Wang Lee Hom, I am impressed! This guy earned a fortune but would not live luxuriously. I am thrilled when he said he helped the needy, working with World Vision! This is exactly what the Bible is saying about money! Nothing belongs to us and when we have loads, it must be used wisely and meaningfully for society.

But I am still grasping the way he lived, why he chose to live like an ordinary man - I feel for him but I am happy he looks beyond money.

Major Chinese dailies reported that Mandopop star Leehom Wang would not spend his hard earned money on material things.

“Buying sports car ... I think it’s meaningless. “There are many people who need our help. I work with World Vision and every year, I want to help the needy more.”Although Wang, who is also an actor and film director, has made a fortune, he has spent his money wisely.

The artiste is currently driving a second-hand car, worth NT$60,000 (RM6,075). It was a present he gave to himself on his 33rd birthday last year. Also, his house has only a bed, a computer and some music equipment. To save the environment, Wang had not bought any new clothes for the last 15 years. During the interview, he showed the pair of socks he was wearing and said it was a present from Jackie Chan.

Other superstars have a collection of cars in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Among them, Cantopop star Aaron Kwok has 13 luxury vehicles worth over RM100mil including five Ferraris, two Lamborghinis and a Mercedes Benz SL-class. Jay Chou’s collection included a Mercedes Benz SLR722 (about RM3.8mil) and some antiques.
(From Star Paper this morning)

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