Friday, August 29, 2008


There will be no more live perfomances of Pop (what?), Rock, Reggae (what? what?) and dangdut music in the open in Kedah. This is announced by the PAS government in Kedah. Maybe it is out of sincerity of their religious zeal that they banned them so that young people would not rot through these kind of music. Are they sincerely wrong?

I strongly believe that those kinds of music above are just genres of God's creativity. Music is amoral, no right or wrong. But it is always the people behind the music. Get a few strong spiritual Christians to play Rock music, the whole scenario changes. God is glorified! But get some rascals to play and you may have bad influence. I wonder how many young people would spend their time (in today's context) in a opera concert. Imagine United Live singing the 70s spiritual tunes like those of the seventies.

So, instead of banning (this is an easy way out but never really works), teach the young people to know what's right and what's wrong. To help them grow into maturity faster, adults sometimes have to learn to let go. There are so many young Malaysians that went overseas came back wiser and stronger after they graduated. Were they exposed to Rock Music? Definitely! Are they rotting? Surely Not!

For me, I say to Christians, Rock on for Jesus!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What an art! A superb kick in Taekwondo towards an opponent. Surely this would score big! BUT, the man who was kicked was not involved in the bout. He was just the referee lah. It is just a sore loser who loses his mind in the thick of the action. "For four long years I have trained hard, I cannot even come back with a bronze medal, boohhoooo AND it's all because of you, ref...boohhooooo" Poor man. To this referee, right is right, wrong is wrong which is right thing to do. But to do the right thing is hard sometimes. It comes with a lot of pressures from sore losers. They kick, shove, push and punch their own ways into the ring not caring a single bit who get hit to get their way. I am not judging that kicking guy because sometimes in my mind, I do behave like him. Who knows, one day, I may kick someone to get my way? May God help all of us!

(The fellow who kicked the ref did not get his medal, instead he got himself and his coach banned for life from the sports; no 2012 London Olympics for him and no getting into the ring at all)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008



The whole nation holds its breath tonight. Not because the Merdeka Day is coming. But the Permatang Pauh by-election is today and the results will be known tonight. Can Anwar win big and then make a comeback to Parliament? This political fight has been named "the mother of all by-elections!" Barisan Nasional (the current government party) has been called David and Anwar (one person) as Goliath. What can one person do? Wooo, the sight of Goliath recorded in the Bible has frightened the entire army of Israel's fighting men!

As Christians, we should not fix our eyes on humans but God! In this case, not Anwar or Barisan but God! The Bible declared that God is the One who would raise up or tear down leaders of nations! Human leaders can say or lie whatever they wish but God would one day expose their weaknesses. Watch out, they may frighten ungodly people but to those who stand upon the ROCK (Jesus), we shall stand firm! No one and nothing shall prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. If we continue to be humble before God, then our light will certainly overwhelm the darkness all around.

Ps: Whoever wins tonight, God is still on His throne!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I do not know how to describe the Youth Camp we just came back from. Although we do not have a fiery youth preacher but Ps. Joanne was honest and transparent. I think she shed more tears than the campers. She touched my heart with her down to earth way of sharing. Those who expect rah rah rah preaching maybe disappointed.


Fire comes from God and not from man (or woman). And fire did come as God touched the hearts of everyone who hungered for Him. I want to thank Ps. Joanne and her team (great stuffs they did) for their ministry. One thing I really thank God was our worship team. You guys ROCK! I sensed the presence of God everytime the worship was on. It was just automatic! I believe it was God responding to hearts of worship!


Awesome food cooked by awesome owners of the Camp! Our tastebuds will never be the same again. I saw one youth taking his sixth helping. Huh? Bottomless pit ah? I confessed lah, I also did take third helping.. shhhhh. (But not sixth lah...wei..)


And then there was a final Olympic championship in volleyball between Korea and Japan at the Camp site. Thrilling to the finish where Korea finally outclassed Japan with their superb play. Our motivation...only this one word, "COKE". (Hey, I didn't get my coke!) Softball was not that interesting where Leon got twisted and Jaryl 'cutted'. Nevertheless it was fun!

And then, the city kids got to watch the Camp fire! Instead of camp songs and running around, they took photos. (City kids! Haiya!) Thank God for the Mafia game (and Daniel boy) to save the night!

Overall, it was a great time at the Camp. I was blessed and strengthened in my faith. The camp fire may have long gone out, I sure hope the fire of God would burn on and on and on......

(Next...the photos)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I read with absolute disgust with the lip-synching singing of a cutie beauty of the girl (Lin Miaoke - top) in the Olympic Games opening ceremony. Taking the rightful place of a not so cutie beauty of another girl (Yang Peiyi - bottom) who was the original singer. What is happening to the world??!! Is beauty everything? Isn't it just skin deep? Take out all the skin from Miss Universe and we all vomit everything we eat all day! Sometimes I wonder why advertisers put beautiful girls for some products which have nothing to do with them. Because sex sells! If not, at least these beautiful girls turn many heads (mostly guys lah).

Time to change all these nonsenses! God loves the beautiful and the not so beautiful! God loves the machos and the immachos! We Christians must lead the way! Don't ever criticise anyone whom you think is not beautiful enough or not legsome enough! I thank God that the original girl who sang that song is revealed! And as far as I am concerned, she is beautiful! Beauty rules? NOT OK! K.O.ed!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Before baptism.. Mua, Poh Wei, Charlie Mah, Lixuan, Jenn Ming & Ps. Anne

After baptism; there is no stopping 'em! All for Jesus!

Thanks to Richard Lu and family for letting us use their house and pool! PTL!

Friday, August 8, 2008


US$14 million! That's how much the picture of the Brangelina twins are worth. My picture may get me 2 sen (rounded up in hypermarket equals 0). What is the difference between their pictures (or their faces) with any babies? NONE! Just that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are famous. Simple. They generate money from movies, magazines and advertisements. Fame equals money. Money equals evil??? NO! Money is amoral, meaning it's neither good or bad. Good when it is used for helping people, benefitting the poor and using it for God's glory! Money is evil when it's used for sinful pleasures and harming people. Money drives some people mad and leaves relationships broken.

Two questions we need to ask ourselves concerning money...

#1 - Where do you get the money? (Politicians!!!????)

#2 - How do you use the money?

Back to the Brangelina Twins - They used the money for charity! Thank God! They did the right thing. So young already giving....

Thursday, August 7, 2008


When king Solomon was at his peak in the kingdom of Israel, almost everything in his palace is made of gold! His throne, the steps leading to his throne, his drinking cups and maybe his toilet (this one didn't mention lah) were all made of gold. And the Bible says that silver was considered of no value. But to the surrounding countries, people would die for silver (Chinese 'ngan' came from the word, silver). Today we got 'ngan chee' ($$$$$). God blessed him with riches beyond measure.

But you know what. That was not what he asked for. When God appeared in his dream, God asked him what he wanted. (Aiyah, how come God doesn't appear in my dream?) Solomon requested for wisdom instead of riches (which 99% of people would want $$$$$$). History proved to us that he asked the right thing. God was so thrilled with him that He gave him riches also. God was thrilled because Solomon used that wisdom to govern his people with justice and righteousness (if only we have Solomon's wisdom in all governments today - sigh).
Lesson #1 - God is looking for people who care for others.
Lesson #2 - God will give wisdom for those who want to use it for others.
Lesson #3 - God will bless those who want to be a blessing.

Conclusion: In your spiritual life, go for the best with what God has for you. Go for gold!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The Olympic games are back! Chung Kuok Boleh! It's happening on 8th day of the 8th month in '08 at 8th sec of the 8th min of the 8th hour! Fatt fatt fatt fatt fatt fart (oops) fatt fatt! I think the 8s are just for fun lah, they make no difference to the world. All of the athletes and the countries they represent are there for one reason, GOLD! Fame! Glory! There will be tears of joy and tears of agony! Ehh Rhime lah!

In the excitement of the games, one thing caught my attention is the theme, ONE WORLD, ONE DREAM! Can the world come together with so much greed and violence and hatred and self-centeredness? Do the athletes and countries really care so much for world unity? On their minds, isn't the glittering gold more important?

Bible predicted that the world would indeed come together one day! Certainly, not at this Beijing Olympics. It would be fulfilled when Jesus rules the earth! Every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that He is Lord!

Are we ready for the Olympic games? More so, are we ready for the coming of Jesus?

Friday, August 1, 2008


Wonder you guys know about this famous worship leader and singer and songwriter called, Jeff Deyo (pronounce dee-o)? He's a former Youth For Christ missionary in Singapore, he serves from teaching at conferences to leading worship for crusade events with Josh McDowell, Luis Palau, John Bevere, John Maxwell, Max Lucado, Louie Giglio, Tommy Tenney, Willow Creek, Saddleback (Rick Warren's church) and others, Deyo's music exists to serve his ministry and God's purpose for his life. He has a new album called "Unveil". He is the former lead singer for the famous band called SonicFlood.

He's huge in America and he's coming to HUGE! He will be our main worship leader! Also, the speaker is Jay Moonie, Director of Youth Alive USA!
Coming to you this December 8th - 11th 2008!