Friday, August 22, 2008


I do not know how to describe the Youth Camp we just came back from. Although we do not have a fiery youth preacher but Ps. Joanne was honest and transparent. I think she shed more tears than the campers. She touched my heart with her down to earth way of sharing. Those who expect rah rah rah preaching maybe disappointed.


Fire comes from God and not from man (or woman). And fire did come as God touched the hearts of everyone who hungered for Him. I want to thank Ps. Joanne and her team (great stuffs they did) for their ministry. One thing I really thank God was our worship team. You guys ROCK! I sensed the presence of God everytime the worship was on. It was just automatic! I believe it was God responding to hearts of worship!


Awesome food cooked by awesome owners of the Camp! Our tastebuds will never be the same again. I saw one youth taking his sixth helping. Huh? Bottomless pit ah? I confessed lah, I also did take third helping.. shhhhh. (But not sixth lah...wei..)


And then there was a final Olympic championship in volleyball between Korea and Japan at the Camp site. Thrilling to the finish where Korea finally outclassed Japan with their superb play. Our motivation...only this one word, "COKE". (Hey, I didn't get my coke!) Softball was not that interesting where Leon got twisted and Jaryl 'cutted'. Nevertheless it was fun!

And then, the city kids got to watch the Camp fire! Instead of camp songs and running around, they took photos. (City kids! Haiya!) Thank God for the Mafia game (and Daniel boy) to save the night!

Overall, it was a great time at the Camp. I was blessed and strengthened in my faith. The camp fire may have long gone out, I sure hope the fire of God would burn on and on and on......

(Next...the photos)

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