Friday, August 29, 2008


There will be no more live perfomances of Pop (what?), Rock, Reggae (what? what?) and dangdut music in the open in Kedah. This is announced by the PAS government in Kedah. Maybe it is out of sincerity of their religious zeal that they banned them so that young people would not rot through these kind of music. Are they sincerely wrong?

I strongly believe that those kinds of music above are just genres of God's creativity. Music is amoral, no right or wrong. But it is always the people behind the music. Get a few strong spiritual Christians to play Rock music, the whole scenario changes. God is glorified! But get some rascals to play and you may have bad influence. I wonder how many young people would spend their time (in today's context) in a opera concert. Imagine United Live singing the 70s spiritual tunes like those of the seventies.

So, instead of banning (this is an easy way out but never really works), teach the young people to know what's right and what's wrong. To help them grow into maturity faster, adults sometimes have to learn to let go. There are so many young Malaysians that went overseas came back wiser and stronger after they graduated. Were they exposed to Rock Music? Definitely! Are they rotting? Surely Not!

For me, I say to Christians, Rock on for Jesus!

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