Tuesday, September 2, 2008


That's me (in the orange shirt??); How I wish!

It's more than half-way mark of my earthly life! Someone says when you get older, time is so precious to you that it just goes faster. Not only time is precious, every task you put your hand to do must be of worth. If I wasted my time doing unnecessary things, I could get easily annoyed. Speaking of annoyance, the older you get, the more sensitive you become. God, help old people like me! But, I thank God for having the youth in The Vineyard Church being the greatest supporters of my life. You guys have greatly blessed me and lessened my annoyance level! Clap! Clap! Clap! The rest my wife took care of it! (Awesome baby of mine!)

Looking back, I had lived a happy life with no regrets! This is ONLY possible because of the amazing grace of our awesome GOD! What is the best thing I have learned all these 45 years? God has never once looked down on me and said, "You are out of the game!" Yup! He never looked away when I was down, dry and dirty!

So, I am looking forward for something MASSIVE to come as I flow in God's river of grace! Praying God will guide me into His next plan for me as I keep flowing in this river.

PS: Thanks for the 'Surprise Party' sunday! I was so thankful to God that I have you guys celebrating with me. Although it was not a total surprised success, I was surprisingly swept away by the gestures. TERIMA KASIH!

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