Friday, September 5, 2008


It is reported that the Church of England (Anglican churches) is thinking of setting up 'pubs' in the church premises to get more people to come. The congregations in these churches are dwindling and is a cause for alarm. What a terrific (or terrible) idea!

How far (or low) must Christians go to win back Christians and non-Christians to the churches of Jesus Christ?? Should we also sing their songs, talk their (foul) language, dress their dresses, login their logins in the Internet sites, play their (immoral) games??? Jesus was with the sinners but never once acted like them!! He was Someone different so that they could look up to as a model.

There must be a limit to Christians going into the world and win souls. We are in the world and not of the world. We must set the standard for the world and not vice versa. We must be the light so that their darkness can be exposed. If Christians are drunk in the church, what is the difference of going to pubs and to the church. Would they still be listening to sermons when they are drunk? No! They might think Hillsongs are just loud music in pubs and ladies in the church as those flirty ones in the pubs.

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