Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Rev. Sunther, arm over Ethan (2nd son), Davian (eldest) and Devina (daughter) and friends

My pastor friend, Rev. Sunther, 40+, passed away this morning in Melaka hospital. He was suffering from serious Asthma attack, leaving behind wife, Lydia and three young children. He came in to BCM in 1993, the same year with me and he became "big brother" for our Class of '93. Just two weeks ago, I was having Teh Tarik with him talking about plans to visit Jerusalem together. Surely and sorely miss him!

Life is fragile and we don't know how our journey will end. Do not waste your life away, give your best shot for God!

PS: He was our first V2 Youth Camp Speaker. He was my songleader for my wedding. I was his songleader in his wedding.

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