Thursday, September 25, 2008


David Blaine, the magician and escape artist, is to hang upside down for straight 60 days in Central Park, New York. That what's he claimed to do. And doctors had warned he could go blind. Blaine could go blind. But he loved to do something no one else had done before. For what! For publicity lah! For being famous. And when life gets back to normal, he would try other stunts to catch attention.

Isn't he sometimes like us? We would want to do something to get attention and satisfy ourselves with the applauses of men. Why didn't he hang upside down in his house (maybe with a friend to witness it) and do it for God? No camera. No applause. No nothing. Just him and God. I believe millions of Christians who served God today did not announce themselves to the world and some even gave their lives away unnoticed. No camera. No applause. No nothing. Just them and God.

What about us? Do we serve God to please men? Do we do it to satisfy our ego? Or do we do it to glorify God no matter what?

PS. Blaine who supposed to hang upside down continuously for 60 hours caught by onlookers to have come down to rest many times. Blaine may not be blind. Thank God!

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