Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Are we on the brink of economic collapse of the whole world? USA, the largest economy in the world is breaking down, slowly but surely. Someone said, when USA catches a cold, the whole world sneezes and that's true and it's happening. Many people are already scared with the high price of essential goods, lost jobs, and now, the stock markets are crumbling.

One day, billionaires will become hundredaires. CEOs' will be car attendants. General Managers will become general workers. What will happen to us when suddenly the price of a loaf of bread costs RM200? Results: looting, violence and absolute chaos!
This could be the scenario and it could happen. The Bible predicted of such a time of chaos where the lawless one (Anti-Christ) would rise to prominence. He will convince the world of a solution thereby ended up being the 'saviour' of the world. Anyway, most people today are looking for some superheroes to save this world.
In USA, the Americans are looking for change and they are looking at Obama who is very popular. To some, he could be the 'superhero' to save America and the world. And when Obama becomes President, people will find him being just another human.
They will then start looking for another SuperHero and one day (which is soon), this Anti-Christ would come. Is the final countdown! Teng teng teng teng...

As Christians, when we see such a scenario coming, we are encouraged to look up. Why? To see Jesus coming for our salvation (I mean complete salvation - from being mortals to immortals) which is the Rapture. What a day it would be! But for now... live a simple but significant life for JESUS!

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cybeRanger said...

Whoever has the Holy spirit is ready... Expect the departure of Holy Spirit