Friday, August 8, 2008


US$14 million! That's how much the picture of the Brangelina twins are worth. My picture may get me 2 sen (rounded up in hypermarket equals 0). What is the difference between their pictures (or their faces) with any babies? NONE! Just that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are famous. Simple. They generate money from movies, magazines and advertisements. Fame equals money. Money equals evil??? NO! Money is amoral, meaning it's neither good or bad. Good when it is used for helping people, benefitting the poor and using it for God's glory! Money is evil when it's used for sinful pleasures and harming people. Money drives some people mad and leaves relationships broken.

Two questions we need to ask ourselves concerning money...

#1 - Where do you get the money? (Politicians!!!????)

#2 - How do you use the money?

Back to the Brangelina Twins - They used the money for charity! Thank God! They did the right thing. So young already giving....

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