Thursday, August 7, 2008


When king Solomon was at his peak in the kingdom of Israel, almost everything in his palace is made of gold! His throne, the steps leading to his throne, his drinking cups and maybe his toilet (this one didn't mention lah) were all made of gold. And the Bible says that silver was considered of no value. But to the surrounding countries, people would die for silver (Chinese 'ngan' came from the word, silver). Today we got 'ngan chee' ($$$$$). God blessed him with riches beyond measure.

But you know what. That was not what he asked for. When God appeared in his dream, God asked him what he wanted. (Aiyah, how come God doesn't appear in my dream?) Solomon requested for wisdom instead of riches (which 99% of people would want $$$$$$). History proved to us that he asked the right thing. God was so thrilled with him that He gave him riches also. God was thrilled because Solomon used that wisdom to govern his people with justice and righteousness (if only we have Solomon's wisdom in all governments today - sigh).
Lesson #1 - God is looking for people who care for others.
Lesson #2 - God will give wisdom for those who want to use it for others.
Lesson #3 - God will bless those who want to be a blessing.

Conclusion: In your spiritual life, go for the best with what God has for you. Go for gold!

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