Thursday, August 14, 2008


I read with absolute disgust with the lip-synching singing of a cutie beauty of the girl (Lin Miaoke - top) in the Olympic Games opening ceremony. Taking the rightful place of a not so cutie beauty of another girl (Yang Peiyi - bottom) who was the original singer. What is happening to the world??!! Is beauty everything? Isn't it just skin deep? Take out all the skin from Miss Universe and we all vomit everything we eat all day! Sometimes I wonder why advertisers put beautiful girls for some products which have nothing to do with them. Because sex sells! If not, at least these beautiful girls turn many heads (mostly guys lah).

Time to change all these nonsenses! God loves the beautiful and the not so beautiful! God loves the machos and the immachos! We Christians must lead the way! Don't ever criticise anyone whom you think is not beautiful enough or not legsome enough! I thank God that the original girl who sang that song is revealed! And as far as I am concerned, she is beautiful! Beauty rules? NOT OK! K.O.ed!

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LiLc said...

ahhahaha.. honestly , don't u think the original singer small girl can be also very cute? She's chubby yet so charming .. it's a pity the world do not see it this way. China-KIASU la.