Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What an art! A superb kick in Taekwondo towards an opponent. Surely this would score big! BUT, the man who was kicked was not involved in the bout. He was just the referee lah. It is just a sore loser who loses his mind in the thick of the action. "For four long years I have trained hard, I cannot even come back with a bronze medal, boohhoooo AND it's all because of you, ref...boohhooooo" Poor man. To this referee, right is right, wrong is wrong which is right thing to do. But to do the right thing is hard sometimes. It comes with a lot of pressures from sore losers. They kick, shove, push and punch their own ways into the ring not caring a single bit who get hit to get their way. I am not judging that kicking guy because sometimes in my mind, I do behave like him. Who knows, one day, I may kick someone to get my way? May God help all of us!

(The fellow who kicked the ref did not get his medal, instead he got himself and his coach banned for life from the sports; no 2012 London Olympics for him and no getting into the ring at all)

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