Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hooray, I am taking my last course for my Master in Ministry program and am graduating this year God willing. And this course is so different from all the courses I took previously because the lecturer, Dr. Peter Prosser who is involved in healing and deliverance ministry has shared with us amazing stories about God's miracles.

I want to share a few here in this blog...

Years ago, when Dr. Prosser was in Rome, Italy with his wife, they were taking a bus ride going somewhere. It was 3pm in the afternoon and in the bus, it was filled with passengers. Due to the hot weather there, the people inside were oozing out strange smell of body odour. They wanted to get down from the bus as soon as possible. When my lecturer was seated in the bus, he saw an old lady standing and let her take his seat. And then the Holy Spirit told him to pray for that lady. He sought permission from her and she allowed him to pray. Right after prayer, she stood out and shouted, "I am healed!" People in the bus were suprised and one by one asked Dr. Peter to pray for them. They were lining up to be prayed for and this happened right on the bus itself. One by one fell down under the power of God. Soon, the upper deck people came down to be prayed for.

It was such a commotion that the bus driver was annoyed, parked the car at the side to see what had happened. He knew that this was a religious thing and said to Dr. Peter, "I don;t believe in all these." And Dr. Peter turned around and just said, "Anyway, God bless you!" And as soon as he finished saying that, the bus driver fell under the power of God. He fell out of the bus through the doors onto the street.

Soon, everyone came out of the bus and into a restaurant where the revival continued there. People in the restaurant also came to be prayed for. God moved so powerfully that day, from praying for one lady to ministering to many more. All right there in the public places.

They supposed to come down from the bus because of the smell and at 3pm in the afternoon but they left the restaurant at 3am the next morning!

God is very alive and still does miracles today!

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