Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My favourite time of ministry: Youth Camp 2010 - 13-15th June

Last Friday, I sent in my last papers for my last course of my Masters in Ministry program after a long 10 years of part time studies. Whew! The months of May and June are overwhelmed with programs and deadlines and gatherings and not forgetting the World Cup. Yesterday, I sat down and enjoyed a quiet time with my mind. A retreat I badly needed.

It is always good to take time to look back at whatever you have done, not to glory in them but to evaluate. Indeed, first of all, I thanked God for His grace in pulling me through. I am not a perfectionist but I certainly am no 'chin chai' (lacksadaisical) man. I just want to give my best if I am called to do something if I have the strength. With God's help, something extraordinary can happen.

I have noticed (not a good thing) that whenever I was busy with activities, I always think this thought, just get it over with. That was the thing of the past. Now, even though I am busy, I will always savour and enjoy the moments of my ministry. Through this, I have learned to expect great things out of what God can do through me. It also helps me to look forward for a great time before an event begins.

May and June 2010. O Thank you, LORD! I enjoyed it!

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LiLc said...

I totally agree with the things you wrote here.. savour every moment and enjoying the process and reflecting. You've had a long 10 years finishing your course! You deserve a break pastor ronnie! And i miss you and the church so much back there...