Wednesday, June 16, 2010


It happened again, race riots! Kyrgyz are on the rampage and attacked the Uzbeks, killing hundreds of Uzbeks people, wounded scores of others. What in the world is happening! Can't man ever learn from history?

Aren't we all from the human race? Are Uzbeks' blood green? I don't know all the details but live long enough to see the evil of many human beings! They are power crazy, paranoid and violent! The most sickening thing is that when some may not view life as dignified, they take other lives down as well! They just don't care!

What is this thing called race? Chinese, Malays, Indians, English, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, Pakistani, Indons, and thousand of tribes and tongues, are created by One God for one purpose, to live together in harmony in glorifying the Creator God. But mankind has so fallen into sin that one must overpower the other just to get what he wants! Not in Kyrgyzstan but practically everywhere! If today, any race (if they are so proud fo themselves) could share food, resources with the poor, NO ONE will go hungry. But no, they choose to see who's the greatest, who's the fastest, who's the sazziest, who's the richest and who's the best!

The World Cup Soccer just started and the score is Kyrgyz 200+ Uzbeks ??. And the demons are cheering on the stadium of death!
PS: Those who killed others will be haunted with blood crying out from the grounds for years or even generations after that. Not only that, those whose families torn apart by this senseless violence will haunt them as well!

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