Friday, August 20, 2010


The "Race" issue is starting to hot up in Malaysia with politicians, some racist leaders, few religious fanatics, one newspaper, one headmistress and many hidden ones! And few more days, we are celebrating 53rd Merdeka on August 31st! And the 1Malaysia that was initiated by our Prime Minister is slowly and surely tearing into many pieces.

History tells us that the main culprits of riots in whatever forms always started with influential leaders and extremist newspapers. The ones who were affected and killed were the common people who went about their lives, trying to make a living.

What can Christians do in these times of uncertainty in a country where God has put us in?

1. Pray for the nation.

You cannot love someone or a nation when you are always judging. But when you pray and let the love of God flow through you, then you are doing something far more important than those leaders who shout and rant! God can do something where no politicians can ever dream of.

2. Smile.

Always use your sweetest and gentlest smile whenever you meet someone, whether they are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dusun, Iban or Kadazan. When someone is angry with you, reach out your hand with a smile and it will make an immediate difference. (I tried that before while driving).

3. Make friends from different races.

Do you have a friend from other race? Can you go football with him? Can you both watch a movie together and then go Mamak? Can a friend from different race find comfort in you and then he/she goes home to tell his/her family about it, thus creating a truly harmonious 1 Malaysia on the ground? (I tend to be very friendly to all, especially the Malays, because they are more Malays in Malaysia)

4. Do something good to those who is not the same as you.

Have you visited any friend not from your own race when he/she is sick? Did you buy any present on their birthdays? Perhaps go to visit a Malay orphanage or old folks home and cheer them up?

Let us all not fall into the tricks of racist leaders and get all riled up. Let us do little things on the grounds and if each Malaysian start to do this, this nation will have a better future!

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