Friday, July 9, 2010


Facebook is a 21st Century phenomenon! The world has not only become a global village but super interconnected! And every Christian if it is possible, should have a Facebook account. There are few reasons...

1. We use Facebook to get connected with other Christians instantly and this has enabled us to encourage one another faster than before!

2. We use Facebook to be a light to those who have yet to embrace Christ. Share our testimony and instantly, thousands get the messaage! It is a powerful tool.

3. We use Facebook to inform of events, both privately and "churchly".

4. We use Facebook to enjoy clean fun of communication and destress by playing games!

Few things we need also to watch out for...

1. Don't simply share anything on Facebook. Some words can hurt, bite or even get us into trouble with the authority. Some may cause disunity.

2. If you know of a 'friend' who is vulgar, causing harm in any way, there is this icon called "BLOCK"! Just a click of that would block him or her forever out of your Facebook list of friends. (I have done this myself)

3. If you find a comment which seems to you as disturbing, there is this icon called "DELETE" and solve an immediate problem. Then, send this friend a personal email (or Facebook inbox) and give your friend a piece of your mind.

Do not give another comment out in the open and blow everything out of proportion! Christians need to deal with anger in the right way! It is a personal dispute and so should settle internally! Facebook is not a place to deal with personal issues!

All in all, I enjoyed Facebook a lot! I find it both useful and de-stressful!

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