Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The World Cup football is at the tail-end and according to FIFA president, Blatter, it was a success! I truly enjoyed the matches I watched but some matches I have to say were a little suspicious.

I believe the Bookies, those syndicate which dwell in football betting also say, "It's a success!" It is billion dollars business (Yes, with a big B) and they could even influence matches all over the world. Maybe the World Cup is hard but one may never know!

I think the most interesting thing about this World Cup is not Germany but the octopus. This creature had predicted accurately many matches by hanging on to the flags of the country. The latest one is the coming match between Germany and Spain where it clang on to Spain's flag.

How low can we go? To trust an ocean bottom creature in an octopus! I doubt the accuracy of the creature. Maybe, the Bookies own the octopus. They put some octopus food onto flags and obviously it will hang all its tentacles on it. You put on the table a delicious Bah Koot Teh when I am hungry, I will also put my hands and feet on the plates! Just joking!

Well, anyway! I just prayed that peoples in the world are as interested in the things of God as in this World Cup! 22 people chasing after a ball!

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