Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Can these seemingly "heroes" achieve peace?
For the last few weeks, the world has again put its focus on the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Most people had already given up on these talks before even the negotiations began as both parties hold on strongly to their own interpretations of events.

Israel only willing to give in just few parcel of lands to the Palestinians while the Palestinians want the whole of East Jerusalem as their new capital. As far as the Prime Minister of Israel is concerned, Jerusalem is non negotiable.

There are few things that might come out of these talks...

1. Palestinians may be willing to just grab whatever Israel give to them and declare a new country called Palestine. After that, they will discuss further with them about other things.

2. I have written on this before that Israel may give up East Jerusalem as an international city and to be guarded and ruled by UN or an international Force (Suggested recently by an ex Prime Minister of Israel). East Jerusalem is very important to the Jews and the Palestinians because the Temple Mount and the Al Aksa Mosque are located there

3. The talks failed and Israel will be blamed for the impasse. They will be hated by more people of the world. Even US and Europe may wash their hands off Israel.

The third outcome could be in sync with what Revelation spoken of in the Bible. Israel will be hated more and more as years go by! Many nations which alligned themselves with Israel will one day fed up with them and even go against them. And the Bible in Ezekiel predicted of a gathering of nations to attack Israel. When you see these signs happening, Christians, be prepared to disappear to heaven in a flash!

The news about Israel is very fascinating to me (I don't think the world even bother) because it speaks of a faithful God who has spoken a few thousands years ago is so accurate to the dot in His Word. It is still coming together like one big jigsaw puzzle!

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