Saturday, August 22, 2009


The Storm that some said was God's signal.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church today voted to allow individual congregations to bless same-sex marriage in the church. More than 60 over % voted "YES" to the issue. It has been quite a debate in the United States about gays and lesbians' rights to marriage and their adoptions of babies. Religious groups especially the CHURCH in the States are the last bastion of pillars homosexuals fight to bring down. Today they have torn down another strong pillar after the Anglicans were done with.

Homosexuality is a such a huge group in America today that they are almost seen as part of a culture there, perhaps it already is. It is not strange that Churches are grappling with issues like this one. Shunning them would be turning them away from Jesus, their only Saviour. Accepting them would be detrimental to the stand of the Holy Bible we hold so dear.

Leaders of the Lutheran denomination met in Minneapolis few days ago to allow married and committed homosexuals to become pastors of their churches. They said homosexuality was not "central to our faith". While they were meeting, a tornado swept through the place causing some damage and disrupted their meeting. Some said God disapproved the meeting and sent a storm but the leaders laughed it away.

What is my stand?

We should welcome homosexuals into the church and that God accepts them now as they are. When they become Christians, they have to build a relationship with God by doing what God said. One cannot ignore some parts of the Bible that says, homosexuality is sin. The church must teach that and as the same time, release the homosexual Christians to grapple with their own conviction. I am totally against same sex marriage in the church and taking them as leaders of the church. This is a dilution of God's Word of a healthy normal relationship between a man and a woman.

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