Thursday, March 18, 2010


In the United States, one woman named Donna Simpson has a goal in life like most people. But her goal is outrageous and downright dangerous! She wants to become the fattest woman in the world!

She is now weighing 600lbs or 270kg and to reach her goal, she eats 12,000 calories a day and spending USD 750 a week on food, mostly junk food! She stands as the 43rd heaviest woman on record and to win the title as heaviest, she needs to be a whopping 1000lbs or about 450kg. She has to wear at this moment dress size XXXXXXXL!

The worst thing is that she said people are not only paying to see her in all her largeness, they send her cakes and McDonald's gift certificates to help her reach her goal. What?!

Let us make sense out of all these....

1. Why in the world she risks her life to get the title?

2. What is her motivation?

3. Who is really pushing and egging her on?

4. Where did she get the idea?

5. Does she know that she may not even walk with 1000lbs?

I believe she is either being manipulated by someone close to her or she is being blinded by fame and money. People close to her who really love and care for her (family members) MUST tell her to abandon this stupid goal! If they had not said anything at all, then they are as guilty as her if anything bad happens!

May God have mercy on her!
PS: Currently she is the world's fattest mother. The fattest woman to give birth!

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