Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today, STAR paper reported about suicide cases in this country following some recent suicide happenings here. There are averagely 60 suicides per month last year. And this is only those reported cases. What about the thousands who contemplated suicide? And the most troubling thing is that the high risk group is from ages 16 - 25. These are from the prime of life and the greatest potential within them in society.

Christians, counselors and especially youth and Young Adult ministries, we are so relevant in today's pressure cooker's world. Everyone tries to push their way up and the temperature is rising! The youth are so vulnerable and many had fallen into deep pits of despair with no mechanism to come out. There must be more centres for counselling where young people feel accepted and free to share. And please, there shall be no condemnation by adults as already they are feeling the heat of broken life.

What can Christians or Church Ministries do?

1. Embrace the problematic young people with genuine love and open arms. This will open them up to talk.

2. Take them seriously and don't ever provide them with easy answers, such as, "Take it easy, no worries, small problems only"

3. Engage them in a long term - not just one off thing.

4. Have support teams to deal with broken relationships, maybe start one "Restoration program" for the youth in trouble.

5. Involve them in helping people, letting them see that their problems are not unique.

6. Strengthen them through dialogue with the Word of God, the double edged SWORD! Perhaps start an apologetic class, strengthening their faith in God.

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