Wednesday, August 10, 2011


When BBC showed the guy who was robbed while he was injured, I was in disbelief. They pretended to help him and then proceeded to rob him while he wriggled in pain and in confusion. I was more angry when I found out he was my countryman, a fellow Malaysian.

What is happening to the world? What was going on in these youngsters' (I should called some of them criminals) minds?

These are the reasons I came up with...

1. The absence of family values where either the young ones became independent too soon or they are coming from a dysfunctional family.

2. The absence of good churches for these young people to belong to. When they stay outside of the family circles, who is teaching them good morals? The media (mostly entertainment) and peers? The amusement (literally, amuse means without thinking) taught them laziness and peers taught them competition. I want to have what you have, if not I rob.

3. The absence of healthy youth centers or clubs for them except football and bars.

There is no justification for the crime that was done on my beloved Malaysian youth. Don't blame society or government or whatever. What is wrong is wrong and remains wrong no matter how you see or say it.

Let us pray that Christians in London and greater England will come back to the roots of John Wesley's faith. Apart from Christ centered life, everything will eventually fall apart!

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