Tuesday, January 6, 2009


He owns a business and soothes a lot of tired souls. She works as a receptionist in MayBank and travels to and fro by bus and monorail. The husband and wife I am writing about here are the blind couple that came with their two sons to our church. Last sunday after service, I have the privileged to lunch with them. I asked them what percentage of vision they are able to see and they replied, "zero". Their sons, Jonathan (older boy) and Joshua (partially affected too in his vision) are very helpful to their parents in assisting them in everything.

Here I see a complete family, living normal lives despite being totally blind. I see their children laughing, smiling and being courteous to us without feeling a slightest of discomfort of their parents' blindness. This family makes good despite adverse circumstances in their everyday life. It reminds me of my own life. that I must be grateful not only for my sight, but whatever I have in life. I shall not complain whenever I am being uncomfortable or in circumstances that seem unfair to me.

I would also like to mention here about Jennie our beloved church member who provides the transportation not only for Ah Keong and Bong, the blind couple we have lunch with but also Caleb and wife, another blind couple (Jennie fetched Ah Keong's family first and then takes a second round to pick Caleb and wife). That day, after lunch, I said to my wife, "Whatever she did to these "little" ones, she did it for Jesus!"

Is there someone that needs your help or your love? If you do it for them, you do it for Jesus!

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