Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A LOVIN' 2009!

Why must the world ends 2008 with WAR? The war between Israel and Hamas (Gaza) has seen many civilians being killed! Truth be told, that the world will not get any better. It will get colder (the usual "I, me, myself" syndrome) and more people will be seeking for love. Whatever love they can find including homosexual love which has grown bolder and more acceptable nowadays.

What does this mean to Christians in the times we are living in?

Greater opportunities to serve God and love people! Yeah! Huh? More work? Got to get dirty? Or maybe getting hurt because of rejection? Are you still keen?

Things to do in 2009....

1. Love God with all my heart, with all..aiyah, everything you got lah.

2. Love your family members, starting with grandparents right down to the hyperactive toddlers.

3. Love your spouse (Give him/her a surprise love gestures)

4. Love your bros and sis in the church, everyone, yah, even those you don't like. (Please don't make faces at me)

5. Love your friends (I am NOT suggesting romance, please!) Love them with the love of God! Share with them how God has been so good to you.

6. Love everyone, even your enemies (whew!) This one can be done only after much being in God's presence.

Yes, yes, yes. Love, love, love. The world may end 2008 and begin 2009 with war but we must reverse that know what...LOVE!

PS: Have a Blessed 2009!

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