Tuesday, December 16, 2008


THANK GOD FOR ALL OF YOU! (plus Sher-Mayne)

When I looked at this picture (copied from Facebook), I kinda felt that God is giving me a last look at a team that has been together for the last three to four years. Next year, we will be having a different structure of leadership in the youth ministry and that doesn't mean (I repeat, doesn't mean) that the present committee is history. They will continue to play important roles in V2 (if they want to lah) due to their experiences both good and bad. Take a look at the church right now, we have quite a lot of youth already. Enough to make an impact in the city (Jesus needed only 12). Not forgetting those who will be graduating from Sunday School next year. We already have an exploding Sunday teen class (about 15-16). I want to thank Ps. Anne sincerely for a well done work in SS! Dear outgoing com, all the effort you sacrifice is slowly but surely paying off!

All in all, let all glory be given to God!

Dear God, Forgive us for sometimes we want YOU to explode our V2 with hundreds of youth but in YOUR wisdom, YOU decide to give what's best for us. We thank YOU for that! YOU desire spirituality more than numbers so that we can best reflect YOUR glory! We continue surrendering ourselves to YOUR will for we know YOU will eventually bring the revival that we desire for YOUR glory! In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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