Friday, December 19, 2008


The year 2008 is now fast approaching its end. Looking back....hmmmm okay lah, not that bad but not really satisfied with what has been accomplished. I think I put too much time on the Internet coz I love to read, that's one reason and more so, it is the in-thing, Facebook, My Space, Blogs, E-Mails and MSN etc etc.

Ministry 2008

YES BCM; Missions trip to Cambodia; Youth Cell; Blazin' Aces; Youth Pastor School; Huge Camp; Youth Camp; and other church work.

Personal 2008

Trip to Bangkok; Taken three Masters' courses; etc

The Best Moments 2008

1. When my nieces accepted Jesus.

2. When someone accepted Jesus.

3. Youths being baptised

4. Youths serving together preparing for Christmas

The Worst Moments 2008

1. When I was dry and weary.

2. When I fanned the rumours of Tom Cruise's death (it went out of control)

The Best-Remembered Things I had learned in 2008

1. To be radical for God like King Josiah

2. Jesus is coming soon (excited yet scared)

The Most Surprising Moments 2008

1. That God used me to do a little for the nation by allowing my opinions be published in the Star Paper. (Pseudo - RON, Kuala Lumpur)

The Most Regretful Moments 2008

1. I was a bit lazy this year.

2. I spent too much time on the computer.

That's it! All in all, I pray that God would forgive me for not doing what He wants me to do and also pray that whatever I had done for Him that Jesus' Name be magnified and lives be touched for His glory!

PS: When you have a bad year, there is always a new year to look forward to.

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