Thursday, December 4, 2008


A strange mystery story in September 2008 happened in the gulf of Aden where a lot of ships have been hijacked by Somali pirates. Everyone knows about that hijack and Somali pirates but not many knew of a Iranian ship the (MV Iran Deyanat) which was hijacked and returned to Iran without ransom paid. It happened when the ship was hijacked and when the pirates opened the containers, they fell sick and 16 died mysteriously. They said they found powdery sand looked like some chemical inside. The dead were found to have suffered skin burns and hair loss likened to radioactive materials. The ship just sailed from China and the stuffs would be transported to somewhere else via the seas close to the coast of Israel.

The US even offered to pay USD7 million just to inspect it but refused by the pirates which deepened this mystery. They were in for the money and they refused. Finally one Iranian minister managed to negotiate successfully to free the ship.

THEORY - Some guy suggested that the Iranian wanted to blow up the radioactive material close to the coast of Israel and the dangerous radioactive dust would fall onto the land of Israel itself. That would be catasthropic! Millions would be affected.

If that is true then God has averted the disaster on Israel by using the wicked pirates as a tool to save Israel.

By the way, Iran has always depend on oil money to run its country. But now, according to the president Ahmedenejab, their economy is in big trouble with a low price of oil. (The president of Iran constantly wants to destroy Israel)

PS: God still has a plan for Israel. No one can destroy it with God around!

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