Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In Pakistan, girls going to school are threathened with death, kidnapping and bombs by the Taliban in Swat Valley, near the border with Afghanistan. Some called the place, "Pakistan's Switzerland" for its beauty but the extremist Talibans "dirty" it. The neighbouring nation, Afghanistan has had girls going to school being thrown with acid on their faces, disfiguring their beauty, created by God. The Talibans are extreme in their interpretations of the Islamic teachings. They want all the ancient laws found in the Quran (most of them from Old Testament Mosaic laws) enacted in 21st Century world. That includes cutting off hands and legs for certain sins and stoning to death. Fortunately, crucifixion is not part of the teachings, Whew!!).

But girls going to school??? What does this got to do with religion? You mean when God created Adam and Eve, God wanted Eve and all girls to stay dumb! This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

I think the Talibans are afraid that women one day climb over their heads and ordered them around. This is weakness to the core (and they think they are macho men just because they carry guns) and as a man, I am ashamed. Bullying school going girls are cowards and should be condemned by real men as sissies. To the Talibans, if you want to be better than girls, then go to school, study hard and get your PHDs. At this moment, you are having PHD, that stands for Permanent Head Damage!

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