Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am now doing my devotion on the book of Job. What I normally do when I start on a new book is to check the background and learn as much about the culture of the day as possible before I turn to the book proper, usually reading tightly and carefully, most of the time, every word.

Job was almost a "superman" as far as spirituality is concerned. Always sees everything through the eyes of God, being obedient to the core (sometimes I wonder where did he get the faith from without the Bible like we have). Perhaps it was his father/mother or grandparents that tell the story of God's faithfulness toward Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Job's story was a story of victory and not of suffering or defeat. It was a great example of a human's faithfulness towards God even in extreme circumstances. Job was extremely careful not to curse God when he was severely tested as opposed to Satan and even his wife. Yes, as human he felt helpless and frustated and that bad things could come to good people. Yes, as human, he felt that God was far away and he didn't deserve such calamities. However, deep down inside, he held on to his trust in God. His three counsellor friends had a strong theology that bad things would come to every man because every man had sinned. And that Job had sinned. Many Christians and preachers had also said that Job's fear that got him into trouble. Fearing that his sons would get into trouble with God, Job constantly offered sacrifice to God for them (in other words, he prayed constantly for his sons). Was he wrong in that concern that God has to punish him for that? Probably not!

When I read about Job's frustation and not cursing God for his predicament, I can't help but admire him. As human myself I am subjected to lots of frustations in life but deep down I am totally grateful to God! If hasn't been for God, my life will be in the dumps! Job would not get so rich in the first place. God trusted Job to even let Satan inflict him. It is a privilege to have God compliment him! The first time I read the book of Job I wonder why God has to play Job like a chess game. Today I read Job in a completely different light because I see that God wanted everyone to know that everything one has is given by God in heaven. And that suffering can come to good people but for a reason known only to the GOOD GOD we serve. Jesus suffered. Paul suffered. God did not punish Job for his frustations but instead angry with his three counsellor friends for insisting that God punished Job for his sin. When we suffer because we do good, God will vindicate us!

At the end, God not only healed Job, He gave back to Job twice more than he had before. Today, we may not know or understand why we suffer but we know that God knows and that He cares!

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