Friday, May 29, 2009


I tuned in for the first time watching HOWIE DO IT and I got turned-off especially when a crew interviewed people on the street. This interviewer asked one guy (on the street) how did he feel looking like a woman and taunted a girl how she felt dressing up like a prostitute. The girl and her friends (tooted) him all the way. I watched in bewilderment of how wild the show can turn up to be. Are script writers running out of tricks in the entertainment industry or they are just plain dumb? And Howie just felt smug about the whole thing and audience just clapped pretending everything is alright. Laughing at the expense of the embarassment of others. And the ones being offended didn't even get paid for being on the show! Come on! And come on Astro! I know the show is huge but it is not for us lah! Anyway, maybe people are enjoying it I don't know but I was upset. Anyway, God bless AMERICA!

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