Thursday, June 4, 2009

V2 CAMP 09

There were few firsts in this year's Youth Camp.

First first was the combined youth camp with the adult camp. Works pretty well, I guess.

Second first, I was the Camp speaker. For the past ten years, I was gladly playing second fiddle to an invited speaker. Truth be told, I was searching for a speaker and because of the dates ding-dong, I couldn't get one. And Sher-Mayne commented that God maybe wanted our very own Youth Pastor to speak and I took the challenge (I guess no choice, hehe). It was because this year we have divided the Youth into Young Adult and youth (12+ - 17 years old) that it was important for me to lay the groundwork. Sher-Mayne, smart lah you!

Third first was that we have decided to select a brand new committee to run the Camp. I applauded all of you for a job superbly done, especially, Kar Mern, the head. Eli Tan, Samuel Lu, Angela Wong, Matthew Lu and Lei Shen (Clap, Clap, Clap).

Fourth first, we have 29 youth (younger ones) signed up for the Camp which to me is a record as far as V2 is concerned.

I would like to comment few things in Camp 09!

1. I appreciated the attention the youth gave me when I was preaching and doing the activities which made my work so much easier.

2. I sincerely thanked Justin, Leon and Kar Mern who helped throughout the Camp. What can I say? I cannot really do it without your help!

3. The games and activities led by Eli and Samuel were being successfully executed by the campers and I am sure the bond between all campers grew stronger during those fun times. (I was tickled to tears by the skits, especially the antics between SBSP and the Emo Chick)

4. I was moved by the response of the campers to the altar when the Spirit of God began to move in our midst! I believe most of them are touched by God in a wonderful way.

5. All in all, I was truly excited that three campers responded to receive Jesus for the first time as their Lord and Saviour! That was one of the main highlights of the whole Camp.

6. On the last day, when they started to discuss and share about their hearts, I found out that our youth were spiritually strong and coupled with powerful potential! WHEW!!!

As I went back from the Camp 09, I thanked God profusely for His grace and wisdom as I know the Camp would not be successful if not for Him! Lord, All GLORY back to YOU!


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