Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The world now mourns for Michael Jackson's passing and up to date, there is still no news about his funeral arrangements. I read from The Malay Mail that his body was slowly and surely shutting down way before he died. He ate only one small meal a day and he was bald (wearing a wig) and also skin and bones. I am skinny but okay for my height (55kg) but MJ was skinnier because he was taller (51kg!). When he died, the doctors found in his stomach only pills, some even not yet disintengrated.

His albums right now suddenly become top selling albums in the world and stores all across the world couldn't keep up with the sales.

What if Michael Jackson is still alive today and I don't know whether the world would be so caught up with him. I don't think so. This is because we are living in a world where we thrive on excitement and fast paced action. This is also partly due to world media not giving him much attention because he was already not news-worthy. When something drastic happened, then the world pay attention. I don't know whether those who cried and mourned for him now were so excited about him when he was alive.

That's why I believe entertainment business is an extremely tough business, the stars always have to keep up with the fast-paced action, always thinking of new things, do some wierd stuffs just to keep in the limelight. With one or two entertainers made it in the world, thousands failed! Yes, American idols churned out superstars along the way but how many thousands left with broken dreams. Susan Boyle made sensational news once but I don't know how much it will cost her to continue to made headlines.

If Michael Jackson is alive today, he would have felt disappointed with the world again and again or he already would have before he died, I don't know.

On a different note....

What IF Michael Jackson suddenly jumped up on CNN camera one day covering his funeral and said, "Hey, I am alive! I did not die!" How would the world react?

Some day in the future, three person would make that impossible possible. See how the whole world reacted. Read Revelation 11: 1-13; 13:3-10.

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