Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I went and saw Terminator Salvation few days ago and also had seen all other Terminator series. The last few were purely for entertainment but the latest one got me thinking a little. Maybe the word, "Salvation" got me curious. I believe the word "Salvation" appeared only once as title of a movie in my lifetime as far as I can remember.

Then I began to peek further into the review of this movie and I found out that the director when he started the series, he was influenced (a little bit) by the Bible. Let me just comment a little.....

The Robotic world created by men through Sky Net became conscious and alive and started to take over the world. They destroyed the world termed as the Judgment Day through nuclear power. When it was destroyed, the robots suddenly found out that there were human survivors who formed resistance to fight them. The technology was so advanced during that time, they created a time travel machine, sending back a Terminator into the past (before Judgment Day) to kill the mother of the leader who will lead in the resistance so that the mother couldn't give birth to that leader. As all of you know, the mother's name is Sarah Connor and her son is John Connor. Thus Terminator began! The resistance in the future also sent back a Terminator to protect Sarah Connor and eventually John Connor. That robot is none other than the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Sarah Connor can be likened as being the Mother of resistance.

Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus was also called to bear the Change that is going to come to earth. When King Herod knew about the baby who was going to be the King, he wanted to kill the baby. The Bible tells us that he killed many babies in that quest to stop Jesus from being born.

In Terminator series, many people close to Sarah Connor were being killed to get to her and the baby. But the baby was eventually born and his name is .....JC! Sound familiar!

Terminators are like Satan who are trying to destroy lives so that he can take over. Nothing must be above them and anyone who opposes him must be killed. Unlike the movie, Satan doesn't have that kind of power to kill and destroy although his aim is just that. In reality, God calls the shot! Amen!

In the movie, Judgment Day is inevitable and the Bible agrees with it. Today we see people kiling people in a senseless manner and that is part of judgment in this fallen world. But this is just a tip of the iceberg. The Bible says when the grace is taken away (so will the millions of true followers of Christ), the Great Tribulation will come.

Today, we don't fight like the John Connor and the resistance, but we share the Good News of God, not to robots but to flesh and blood who have gone astray. God knows and sees the future and He said Judgment Day is inevitable. But He sent out invitations (not Terminators) for everyone to escape that day but to join Him in a joyous celebration in heaven!

I enjoyed the movie TS for its special effects but it also serves a warning to me that the "resistance" is not finished yet until Jesus comes again. Salvation of our souls is found only in Jesus Christ, not John Connor!

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