Friday, June 26, 2009


What a sad day! I turned on the radio this morning to discover two celebrities (popular during my time) have died.


Michael Jackson, king of pop, died last night from heart attack at his home in the midst of preparing for his upcoming sold-out concerts. The concerts are called "This is it!" But it turned out so differently for him. That was it for him for life! Michael was a huge fan of mine during the eighties especially the album, "Thriller" which I believe was an all time highest grossing album in the world. His dance moves especially MOON WALKING are simply magnificent. There are many not so good stories circulating during his lifetime and to me, he was a little wierd but I have to admit I enjoyed his songs and his dance moves.

The closest I got to see him live was when my wife and I was walking in One Utama shopping complex one day and suddenly a commotion borke out there. We were surprised to know that Michael would be coming to One Utama. Then we queued up and got to see him about two feet away. Sadly, the handphone doesn't have camera yet during that time.


Farrah Fawcett passed away after succumbing to cancer. She was the most attractive (sexiest too) Charlie's Angel in the 1980s and guys were glued to the show because of her. I couldn't remember any of the shows but her voice was always distinct. Although she never did so well in the entertainment industry after that but her marriage to the actor of the popular Six Million Dollar Man and her link to famous actor, Ryan O'Neil continue to make her a star.

She was not married to Ryan O'Neil after many years living together but on her deathbed, she agreed to marry him. Before this could happen, she passed on.

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