Thursday, June 18, 2009


Daniel Petric today was sentenced to 23 years in prison. Why was he being mentioned all over the world as they are thousands of unknown criminals being in the same position as him? First, Daniel is a teenager. Secondly, he is a pastor's kid. Thirdly, he shot his parents in cold blood, point blank. This is how the story went...

One day, Daniel Petric's parents brought him "Halo 3" as normal parents would want their teenagers to be happy and satisfied. When Daniel was obsessed with the game, the parents took it away from him as responsible parents would want him to also be responsible. Daniel was either furious or illusionary when he shot them both when they were asleep. His mom was killed and dad was seriously hurt but survived.

Many questions left unanswered. How could a Christian teenager in a spiritual home could act in such a murderous manner? Where did he get his guts to kill? Some say it is because of anger and blame the improper placing of his dad's gun. Some say it is because of the Halo 3 game where the player needs to kill and destroy monster aliens that have taken over the earth.

For my personal opinion, it is both! A teenager already knows what is right and wrong as moreover in this case, Daniel comes from a father who is a pastor. I believe the obsession for the game created a mind of a make-believe world and everyone that stands in the way must be terminated. Perhaps it was out of anger, and the available gun that connected the illusion of Daniel's mind to pull the trigger. In other words, the violence he played and witnessed day in day out in Halo 3 game triggered a deadly response to an angry young man.

In the courts where he was sentenced, he felt remorseful and relieved that his dad was not killed. As always, a dad is always a dad to his child no matter what, he forgave him and even begged for a lenient sentence for Daniel.

Young people, always be moderate if/when you play any violent games. Our eyes are a gateway or a window to our soul and could trigger off certain reactions when coupled with anger or temptations. The same goes with pornography. This message goes to every teeanger even though you are a pastor's kid.

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