Saturday, July 4, 2009


There is a mixed reaction to the GREEN DAM filtering software to be put in every computer in China soon. It was supposed to start last week but postponed at the last minute. To Internet Savvy youths in China, there was a great sigh of relieve. But for how long? To those who do not know what GREEN DAM is, it is a software inside a computer to filter out pornography (Chinese official view) but to many, it filters out many other stuffs such as write-ups against the government and also bans many other websites.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is it ugly? What is the pattern of thinking youth in this generation? One thing for sure, youth hate people, especially older folks, to think that they are stupid. They feel intimidated that others do the thinking for them. And surely, they can smell lies miles away!


I believe many countries will definitely agree to filter out pornography, the single most devastating strategy of the devil in society today. It polluted the world to a place of no return as far as sexual sin is concerned. It deviates from the very purpose of God to be pure! Malaysia once thought of banning the word "sex" on the Internet, then the word, Sussex, Middlesex (names of places) will also be cut off. I agree to banning pornography on the Internet (billion of dollars industry) and Malaysia should start to look at that seriously.


The mixed feeling comes when governments start to ban news about views of people who disagree with them. Some already banned facebook and twitter and offer only their news to them. I totally disagree with that and I believe the more people are surpressed, the more they rebelled. How long can a government keep people from getting news elsewhere in this high-tech generation? Governments exist for the people. Easiest definition of a government to me, to keep the good and throw out the bad for the society. And one bad thing is to keep news from people who want to know what's happening. And the other bad thing is that people are forced to hear one side of the story and not left to make their choices!


When the "GREEN DAM" burst, people who are supressed will be flooded with anger and frustrations and tend not to trust their government even more!

People have the rights to have their own views in life, even though they may be wrong. I urged governments to employ good writers with their own views to debate openly and let the people choose and decide! And people are not stupid, nowadays!

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