Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I wonder why so many people dislike crows but not so much disturbed by pigeons or some other birds. Perhaps, crows are rough and tough, behave like gangsters some of them, meat-eating and loud-mouth creatures. If you see them looking at you, it can be nerve wrecking, no thanks to Hollywood movie who sometimes portrayed them as evil birds.

Yesterday, I saw something that changed my perception on crows, not live but on Astro. Crows are called the Einstein of birds as they are a bunch of very clever, intelligent birds.

1. Crows can figure out how to get food from some difficult angles. The researcher put a miniature basket of food in a tight bottle. They left two small sticks, one straight and one hook-like (one that can able to hook out the basket from the bottle) there.

One crow was able to use the hook to take out the basket with no problem. When they left only the straight stick there, the crow could even bend the stick to make a hook. WOW! (I still remember the story of how crows put small stones into a bottle to enable the water to rise so they could drink it).

2. Crows are reputed to help each other out when it comes to food and they get the food, they share. DOUBLE WOW!

3. Crows help to clean out the streets filled with dead animals like rats and other small animals before germs contaminate.

4. This one I heard only...the younger crows even take food for their aged parents. If this is true, they could be the only ones that do this amazing thing in the animal kingdom!

What can we learn from.....yes, crows?

1. Let Christian be thinkers so that we can influence the world and let us set the standard for the world and not vice versa, with the wisdom from God!

2. Let Christians be carrying each others' burdens and learn to share so that the world may know we are the disciples of Christ!

3. Let Christians become a perserving agent of a world gone morally mad where right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.

4. Let us take care of our parents for this is a command from God and not only that, the only command with a promise attached, with long life will I satisfy you, the Lord said!
Elijah was fed with food, two times a day....by crows! (1 Kings 17:5-6).

Let's crow!
Watch below U tubes for your WOW moments!

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