Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Who could have given RM92 million away to the poor, almost all his fortune he had worked his whole life for? It is reported that no Presidents or Prime Ministers have done such kind deeds before, never! And there are plenty reports of leaders who took money from the poor instead of giving it to them. The person I am talking about is President Lee Myung-bak of South Korea! A born-again believer in Christ and also a leader of a church before he took the highest office in South Korea. Why did he give almost his whole fortune away to the poor? He gave it all away simply because he was grateful to God and the people who gave to him when he was poor. Without the help of some, he would not be where he is today! See what gratefulness can do to one's life!

I believe he believes that everything he has comes from God and when God asked him to give, he just gave! I was also fascinated with his family who was supportive of what he did, which tells me about a family which dwells on godly values! It is definitely not easy to part with that kind of money but giving it away tells about a man who focus in life is not about himself but God! GREATER HIM lesser me attitude!

Can you give part of your money away today? 10%? Or your toy? Handphone?

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