Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last week, twenty year old supermodel from South Korea was found hanged in a Paris apartment. Kim Daul had great potential to make it really big and was already pretty hot for leading fashion brand like Channel. People said the fashion glamorous world is full of hellish challenges and super competitive; some models even took drugs and some not eating at all just to keep slim!
20 years old, just a year after her teenage years and already being thrown into the troubled and chaotic world of GLAM! Where's her mom and dad?

According to report, South Korea ranked third in terms of suicides per head of population among the 30 Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development member nations in 2007, with 18.7 in every 100,000 people killing themselves.

Kim Daul before she committed suicide had written in her blog about how she harassed herself in order to be successful! In other words, she was overly harsh on herself! She might be smiling for the camera or being nice to her friends and audiences but could be hating herself to the point of killing herself!

Are you harsh on yourself today? Sometimes I admit I am! God may have forgiven all of us but sometimes we cannot forgive ourselves! We make a mistake and we jump! When we did not meet our expectations, we hit ourselves until blue black with our words! Worse, sometimes we even think of suicide..woooooa.....!

I think it's time you give yourself a break! I know we want to do our best but more often than not, it is for our ego! I want others to see my best and not my mistakes! Be real lah! Life is not fair and we make mistakes! Stop living in a make believe world and stop letting others dictate what you need to do! God knows you and He knows your name! Ask him to give you direction for your life! Don't depend too much on other people for your life!

When we moan and groan because we made a mistake because we felt we have let others down! Others again! You know what, others would have forgotten what you did and they have their own life to live and own problems to take care of!

Most importantly, God loves you and He knows your weaknesses! And God will never ever say, "Hey, how come you so stupid one!"

PS: Caution: Don't use your weakness as an excuse too (I don't care you like it or not, I am like that loh)

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