Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I read from a newspaper the other day of a guy, about 30 years old, tattooed all over his body words like, "Hell", "Death", "Devil" and many other hellish words. The reason, his wife left him for another man. Psychologists said that this depressed man actually longed to die or perhaps didn't want to bother about life anymore. What a depressing story, worse than Liverpool's defeats. Some are now calling Liverpool, Loserpool, grrrrrrrrrr!

What makes this man so depressed that he couldn't live anymore?

1. He puts his whole hope and life on his wife.

I believe in romance and I loved my wife very dearly. But there is one more thing in life much more than my wife, that is my God! God is the reason why I exist and the reason I have my purpose in life, that includes loving my wife, a major part of my life. But if your only hope is your wife or gf or bf, then watch out, you may have to tattoo yourself too!

2. He doesn't take advice from anyone.

I believe many have talked, counselled, pleaded with him, take him to watch football matches, movies, comedy shows, introduced him pretty girls. I don't think he listened well. His heart has taken over his mind.

3. He wants to gain attention so that maybe to hurt his wife or to have her back.

People resort to all kinds of actions when they are depressed. Most people would drink out their sorrows. But there will be double pain the next morning, the heart plus the head. Some people go for rebounds, getting involved in relationships unnecessarily, hurting more people in the process. Some even plunge into homosexuality. But this guy chose tattoo to show the world he is hurt. "See, wife, this is what you have caused me!" or "Now come back to me and I will rub off these tattooes, no matter how hurting it would be."

But the more weird things you do, the further the wife would go! That's the reality!

Depression can hit anyone, including Christians and it is normal. So, don't go around and tell people not to grief, or cry or feel heartsick. But Christians have one avenue which many non Christians do not have and that is our Father in heaven. The grace of God can help us to forgive others and move on. It does take time to heal (how long depends on the person) but with good supporting Christian friends, we can pull through.

1. Put our trust in our heavenly Father

2. Listen to counsel and go to friends for help.

3. Don't do weird things. It'll get worse!

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